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  1. Super Dave

    My X1 experience

    The front of the box on the bottom right will show model XG1-A, Pace is XG1-P.
  2. Super Dave

    Comcast Tests Self-Install Kit For X1

    That would be interesting seeing how finicky the X1 is to signal strength and bad wires. They pulled a new wire from the pole and the original was around 13 years old, I would think that is newer compared to most of their customers. I can't see them saving any truck rolls with this system.
  3. Super Dave

    My X1 experience

    A response to the OP and audio drop outs, it is a known issue with the Pace boxes, especially the Green Ring ones. It takes some complaining but once you get an Arris box the drop outs are gone and so is the lagginess. It took me 3 weeks to get it swapped but was worth it.
  4. Super Dave

    Comcast experience

    They are supposed to act professionally at all times. Since you called in you should receive an email with a survey to fill out, make sure you fill it out and grade it how you feel you were treated. I get one every time I call in, when you chat there is one at the end of the chat to fill out.
  5. Super Dave

    Partial Recordings

    If you can't get it done through the regular call, the direct X1 support line is 877-896-8678. If you ever need it the executive team can be reached by emailing: When you email them contain as much information about the problem you can, and make sure to include ...
  6. Super Dave

    Partial Recordings

    They need to roll a truck and check signal strength or replace the box.
  7. Super Dave

    Comcast 'Deeply Disapointed' in Their Awful Customer Service

    I can see why they have such low ratings, not that any issue I have had hasn't been resolved, but their reps and techs don't have a clue what their hardware is like. I have called and had to inform them of their own services, that are posted on their forums by their own employees. I had a tech...
  8. Super Dave

    Error code RDK-3003

    What was the verdict? Most of the codes claim some kind of signal issue and when they can't fix that they replace the box.
  9. Super Dave

    Just had Comast Xfinity installed. Internet and phone are fine, but I am disappointed with their te

    Did you try the skip, it should be 30 seconds even if it selected channel 30. OK is enter.
  10. Super Dave

    Just had Comast Xfinity installed. Internet and phone are fine, but I am disappointed with their te

    It was simple, I asked the installer the make and model of the box before he hooked it up and used the Harmony software, the boxes are listed. As for the skip button I had to use the remote to remote function and learn it, but it all was done in under 5 minutes. Saw the commercial for the...
  11. Super Dave

    Getting X1 installed in a few days!

    I also agree with bruce, I have 3 other boxes plus the X1DVR and we can do on the remote boxes everything that can be done on the DVR as far as starting, stopping, deleting, undeleting, setting up and modifying any recording. What you cannot do is pause a live broadcast because they don't have...
  12. Super Dave

    Getting X1 installed in a few days!

    @ Claude: I run my test at Getting 128 now on an ethernet directly into the modem. On my laptop I get 84 wirelessly. As far as the modem goes, I saw the one I would need on Amazon for $190, so I emailed the Executive Team and explained that I have a contract that does not...
  13. Super Dave

    Just had Comast Xfinity installed. Internet and phone are fine, but I am disappointed with their te

    The reason they don't offer as many channels is they have it all OnDemand, that is their rationale. We used to feel the same way but having so many shows and movies available to us when we want OnDemand is nice, just takes getting used to. Like HBO, there are over 300 movies and 90 series with...
  14. Super Dave

    Getting X1 installed in a few days!

    The internet was the Blast at 50 down but they just doubled it for free and running speed tests I get 120 down 20 up.
  15. Super Dave

    I love having Comcast

    You can only tune in late if you want to watch the channel the DVR is on when you turn on the TV, the DVR is always on. There is no tune in late in late for a show that wasn't being buffered on any DVR, the channel has to be in the buffer, it can't go back in time. With X1 you can watch and...
  16. Super Dave

    Getting X1 installed in a few days!

    We had the X1 installed on March 20th, first time for us and Comcast for TV. This time we are switching from FIOS and we really like it. PQ seems the same but the TV experience is way better. First off more tuners is nice, more OnDemand is really nice, the guide is better and we are saving...
  17. Super Dave


    So if I remove myself from this garbage will Dish send me a check for $120?
  18. Super Dave

    Directv: New HD

    If we decide to look at returning to a satellite provider in the future Dish would be low on my list, channel drops and disputes, no AMC and when we cancelled they charged us to return the equipment, left a real bad taste in our mouths.
  19. Super Dave

    Drop Dish for FiOS

    We switched over a year and a half ago and don't regret it at all. The equipment is fine, we have all the new Moto boxes. The PQ is outstanding, the internet is quick, we are on the 35/35 but it tests to 43/38. The whole house DVR is great as well as the VOD. Even out of the promo pricing we...