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    MRV New reciever

    Yup, I see how it can be read that way. My bad. Thanks for the response.
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    MRV New reciever

    I did not imply that. I said that I do NOT have a DECA. My MRV is setup using only my LAN. Being that this is the case, I wanted to know if I could hook a new receiver to the network and be apart of the MRV automatically. i.e I plug it in and I can see and view the other receivers and vice versa.
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    MRV New reciever

    Cool, thanks. I wasn't sure if the lack of a DECA would cause an issue. -SNT
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    MRV New reciever

    I currently have multi room viewing with 2 HDDVRs and 1 standard DVR without a DECA. Everything works as it should. If I were to add another compatible receiver, would it automatically be in the MRV setup? Meaning seeing the other receivers etc. Thanks
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    Whole-Home DVR

    While I have not received an email back about this, I logged into my account and the Activate Now button was there. Activated, rebooted my receivers, and BOOM, it works. Thanks to everyone for their help.
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    Whole-Home DVR

    I filled this out. I'll see what happens. If they can not help, I will see what stonecold says. Thanks all. -SNT
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    Whole-Home DVR

    I looked for the thread you mentioned but I could not find it. I did find one that mentioned going through tech support. When I did that, I spoke to 3 different agents and they all said that it can not be done without a DECA. I was then transferred to "network" and was told the same thing. I...
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    Whole-Home DVR

    Played round robin for close to an hour and got a supervisor, he said that the only way to do it without DECAs is with a HR24, I have a 22 and 23. I give up.
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    Whole-Home DVR

    The CSR would not let me do it. All of my DVRs have been connected to the internet since I got them.
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    Whole-Home DVR

    I have 2 HDDVRs and 1 standard DVR. Back in beta everything worked very well. Recently I have been running into the only 2 tuner issue when wanting to record programming and decided to order the Whole-DVR service. With my setup, the CSR told me that I needed to have a DECA installed and a new...
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    Digital TV transition OTA issues

    Receiver Model: - HR23 w/AM21 DMA/Market: Orlando, FL Zip Code: 32937 Channel Call Letters: WRDQ Channel Number Showing in Guide: 27-1 Issue(s): This station changed frequency so I no longer get this channel since there is no way to re-scan.
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    Will RF remote still controll TV

    I tried this with two RC64R remotes. I could not get it to work. I got the one in RF which works fine, but the other remote will not work at all. Any suggestions?
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    Dish switching to directv good choice?

    I just made the switch about 2 weeks ago. After all the promotions are over, I will be saving about $20 / month for basically the same channels. I looked at this numerous times prior to ordering and it was confirmed by mulitple CSRs. I think I get a few more with D* but I never did a side by...
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    can I record from an antenna?

    I would like to know this as well
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    Dish 622

    You could build your own with a pc.
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    MRV Question

    I will be making the switch soon and I have a question about the MRV that is being worked on. I will be getting 3 DVRs, 2 HD and 1 SD. Will I (eventually) be about to see content from any DVR on any TV (DVR)? This is by no means a deal breaker/maker, I was just curious. -SNT
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    DISH is having a banner week.

    The only question I have is, what is "disinformation"? Would that be the same as "misinformation"? ;) -SNT
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    Anyone else get the call from E*?

    I got the cards last week for my 2 622's. Opened the panel to put them in, and to my surprise, there were NO card in either one. I did not know that this was possible. -SNT
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    Cartoon Network HD showing OFFAIR

    Grammer?? :p
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    I don't know if it is that easy. I have a Samsung HLT5089S which is an LED DLP 1080p connected via HDMI and it doesn't pass the test either. -SNT