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  1. djsegura

    Questions about The Hopper?

    With a 2 hopper setup can you have 2 sling adapters hooked up? Currently have 1 sling adapter on my 722k and with having multiple people in the house wanting to use the sling at the same time I would like two adapters or I guess I might just need to upgrade my 622 to another 722 so I can have 2...
  2. djsegura

    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!!!!!!!!
  3. djsegura

    NEWBIE needing tailgate setup help

    Also another tip instead of a tripod a cinderblock works well to takes up less space and easier to transport. I am assuming you will be in a parkinglot so the height should not be a issue. Take a look at our setup.
  4. djsegura

    Never Thought It Would Come To This With Dish

    I just had a the same sittuation happen to me but not the bugs they said there was a clear water like substance inside the receiver. I find that hard to believe first of all since the reciever is not anywhere in a place where it could get wet and also just the amount of time it sat before I...
  5. djsegura

    WOW Good job Dish

    Yes, no service plan so had to pay S&H if I had the service plan it would be no charge for S&H.
  6. djsegura

    WOW Good job Dish

    I would have to agree with you my experince with reman equipment not only in the satellite field but other areas has been alot better than the new equipment. As far as recording space I have a external harddrive on both my 622's so that is not a issue.
  7. djsegura

    WOW Good job Dish

    No service plan and I did get a reman 622
  8. djsegura

    WOW Good job Dish

    I would like for it to be a 722 but I am sure it is just another reman 622 but who knows maybe I will get home and be surprised. What ever it is as long as it is working I am fine with it.
  9. djsegura

    WOW Good job Dish

    So I constanly read about all the BAD so thought I would share some good. So my one of my 622's died and I jumped on Chat yesterday about noon, explained all my symptons and what I have already done for troubleshooting and to my surprise I got no grief from tech support just a quick well since...
  10. djsegura

    Dish Network "Chat" Question

    :up:up:up:up:up I also agree use online chat it is the best option that way you dont get as frustrated if it is overseas and also no hold music.
  11. djsegura

    Which TV is best for Dish?

    I think everyone will have there own opinion about what tv is the best or the worst. I have all Vizio tvs (6 of them)in my house now and have not had any problems with any of them and ages range from 4years to about 6 months and all of them purchased from SAMS. The main tv is the 55 LED its...
  12. djsegura

    Dish can't answer this, maybe someone here?

    Rockies games dont get good untill about the 7th inning anyways.:):)
  13. djsegura

    So who's jumping ship? and a message to Charlie

    Well at this rate of postings Charlie can use all his savings on paper products to off set any rate increase so maybe all the rants will pay off.:)
  14. djsegura

    So who's jumping ship? and a message to Charlie

    Its just TV and its summer time get out side and enjoy it.
  15. djsegura

    922 Sling Issues?

    Yeah I read also about the Palm pre since I also have one, as soon as the flash player comes out for it it should be a go for slingplayer I hope it is true.
  16. djsegura

    Palm Pre Plus and Sling player mobile?

    Has anyone heard anything about the palm pre being able to support slingplayer mobile? I did some searches online and only found info from last May and nothing current. I just recently got the Pre plus with Verizon and was looking to get a slingbox and when I looked before on the slingbox...
  17. djsegura

    Newby Questions

    You can also skip ahead a certain amount of hours, when in the guide just press the amount of time ie 4hrs press the number 4 then the right arrow and same thing to go back if you are ahead in the guide.
  18. djsegura

    home network

    I have 2 622's both connected with the internal homeplug.
  19. djsegura

    Equipment Return Problem....

    This happened to me on a 508 receiver a couple of years ago they said it was leased since all my other ones were leased they wanted me to produce a reciept but after many calls and me asking them to produce any documents that it was leased they finally fixed it.
  20. djsegura

    DIsh Network Remote Control Issues..PLEASE HELP!

    So another thing you can try since they used the splitter for the remote antenna is you could just remove the splitter and place the remote antenna back on the reciever instead of having it at the 2nd tv this way when using the amp it should not impact that. Also then you would just have the...