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  1. phatton

    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    I just got a Twinhan 1025 and wanted to check out the HD demo channel on 61.5 to see how Mythtv handles HD video. I currently have a DISH500 setup at 110/119 and would like to move it over to 61.5 temporarily. What elevation and skew should I be using. Zipcode 13760. ps: can't use my cband...
  2. phatton

    GI 650I, MercuryII & C/KU Dish

    I'm trying to figure out how to hook up both KU and C-Band on the analog GI 650I with my setup. What I have currently setup id a BUD with C and KU band LNBs that are fed into a 4 port diseqc switch . The Diseqc is connected to the Mercury II. The Mercury II works fine for receiving both C and...
  3. phatton

    650i servo connection

    I can't seem to get my servo motor to work on the GI 650I. I know the servo is ok since I have tested it on a Drake antenna positioner. How should the servo wires be connected to the 650i? ------------------------------------------------ | RED(1) | BLACK(2) | BLACK(3) | RED(4) |...
  4. phatton

    Actuator Size

    I need to replace the actuator arm on my dish as the motor in it was completely trashed when I got it (it was free...can't complain). I see that they come in 18" and 24" sizes. How are they measured so I can get the proper size for my dish (8' unimesh)?
  5. phatton

    New Dish Endicott, NY

    I was offered an 8ft mesh dish from Freecycle and was hoping to get some help with setup. I do not have the dish yet so can't give any specifics on it but will update this thread when I pick it up this afternoon. My location is zipcode 13760 lat:42.0N lon:76.1W. I'm told it is a pole mount and...