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    Sony XBR75X850C 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

    I wanna purchase this TV..BUT i wanna know how many BITS in this TV is it >> 8 OR 10BIT they says 10BIT the way should go in further 4K contents i cant find this Info any where and SONY customer support bunch a Asian or Indian people from another country dont know sh*t about...
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    Plezzz help ,which 4k/3D/TV gonna choice

    CAN u guys help me out i really confuse between these 2 models wanna buy this on blk Friday or around XMAS wanna see how much price drops on both between Sony XBR75X850C 75-inch 4K Utral HD/3D smart LED TV and Samsung UN75JU7100 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV If u guys saw and...
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    BEFORE install the Hooper today i asked some few people here ...can i use MY HDD was using it with my 722s to Hopper to play contents inside my HDD, every one said yess ... NOW Hopper install & when i connected my HDD t to HOOPER , on External harddrive icon NO way i can play my HDD...
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    they gonna upgrade my boxs , after 5 years having 3/VIP722S to 5 tuner hooper today .. for 3 HD/TVS my question is , i have almost 10 FULL external harddrive recorded from TV to DVR transfer to HDD in years ,now i wanna upgrade to HOPPER , so now is it play & transfer contest to hopper from...
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    Question about WD/EHD

    I bought around 10/750GB/WD/Home editions model few years ago Love the EHDS works flawless with my Boxes as 2/722/ks & 211 ..Now I wanna buy some more. ...But I see lots bad reviews with new WD/EHDS in reviews. Wondering what u guys working with and works flawless with dish...
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    TO ALL dishnerwork customers.. Please go on FREANET.COM & request this channel throw the website to dish network. I did & told all my friends to do so & did , Hope words gets around & this NEW FEARNET/HD comings to dish some how from a lots request they getting from customers throw the site or...
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    Any news about ""

    I saw a ad about FEARNET.COM /HD going to comes to TV channel lineup like EPIX came few months ago. Is any news dish would be carry this channel or not. Because I am real fan of web site..And would be very Very happy this channel comes to dish since we lost the good o VOOM /MONSTER channel, this...
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    question about harddrive

    I bought a lots WD/750G harddrive the older version of my book back in mid 2000s such as was real good with no problem, ..But now I need buy some more.. Only I use the harddrive for transferring recording from DVR to the hard drive to keep! I see a lots mix and bad reviews about the new WD/my...
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    I have little problem is not real important, but needs to be all the same receiver in graphics looks. My equipments is 2/722’s, 772k, & 612 receivers.. Around 2 weeks ago one of my 722 & 722k updated to the new software, as like when u press the DVR on remote gives U deferent graphic menu...
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    About Sony/CH

    Since we didnt get this channel on OCT/first, Do U guys have any idea or something solid , when we gonna getting this channel on dish? Thanks
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    I just watched “THE GATES” new series on ABC today, since I recorded on Sunday night with my FAV show TURE BLOOD of course Anyway I thought THE GATES was good, enjoyed watching it, then I set my DVR to record every Sundays..What u guys think about this new show?
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    I get that CH since I have everythingpak, and I real like this channel. The HD quality real clear and plays newer movies in 5.1, plus just like good o HDMOVIES don’t have channel icon on the corner screen. I liked it more then those stupid new channels we go couple months ago RETRO & INDIE...
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    NEW HD/CH in april?

    Was real quick and pass by in the last Charlie chat on Monday night, that dude sits next to Charlie, says we get some new HD channels sometimes on April.. Was wondering if U guys have any info about it? Thanks,
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    Sony/cannon Camcorders

    I’m in market next couple months to buy Camcorder; Looking at the SONY HDR-CX520V is around thousand dollars & HDR-CX550V release in March for a little bit over thousand. Thought getting the CX550V since is couple hundred more then 2009 model & is the newest model. Was wondering if u guys have...
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    wanna get digital camera

    Looking to buy digital camera... cheap, normal with sharpest clean picture I could get around $200 price! For around the house type/daily camera, was wondering what’s the best in the market for this price. Between Sony & cannon brand only if u have any experience
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    about WD/750GB/500N

    Pass 2 years bought 20 of my book /WD/750GB/500N model in one shot . I never had a bit problem with this Unit model or receivers nor playback , even recommended from Dish and very happy with it till now, I’m bottom of my barrel is like 2 left. Got on line buy some more, real hard to find or is...
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    Anybody have the panasonic PT-AE 4000U

    I bought pana PT-AE4000U, and 138” 235.1 ratio screen to go with it Panasonic have really F-UP tech support for projector and after 30 minutes transfer my call to this guy and that guy no one can help with projector they all knows about TVS and DVDS I end of it just hang up on that stupid tech...
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    About power Inserter dppro44

    I’m looking to get this Power Inserter dpp44 I bought one from EBAY when I got it was used so ,I send it back and getting my refund ,,but was stated as BRAND NEW item in EBAY… kind of pissed off now. Is really hard to find some where just sell the Inserter only NOT with the switcher Was...
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    About projector mount

    Hi guys.. I am getting the Panasonic AE4000U and 125” Elite screen.. Now I want to know what’s the good looking solid & sturdy safe brand and model ceiling mounting out there and you experienced with, So I'll looking to buy please? Thanks. P.S Not over $200 tho :)
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    Help me with my choice of BOX and EHD plez

    I do have 2 722s and one 612 receivers , Now I wanna get another 722 in EBAY.. The newest model is 722K , really don’t know what’s the deferent between the 2 anyway or worth the K model or not! But have almost 10 existing mybook750GB EHD and all FULL, Some people had experience with 722K buy...