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  1. surfdevil83

    State of the conversion

    I was wondering if all the hard work put into this coversion was paying off for the new provider. The amount of time and money to make this happen needs a return on the investment to possibly add more channels in the future. I for one have made sure that I ordered the discovery pack to ensure...
  2. surfdevil83

    testing x4

    I wonder if the new seven step process would make a other dsr units a x4 box only like the dsr 921. This could help with the numbers in canada and bring back to life a otherwise useless box. Once moto is out of the picture I think the skys the limit if we have enough support.
  3. surfdevil83

    Dsr 410 or let my 922 remap?

    All the talk about the shut down in the new year makes me wonder if I should try to find a dsr 410 to replace my 922. In Canada I spent years hunting for a 922 I could afford. From what I gather, doing a master reset on A1(aka w5) will remove other sat positions and remove the generics. Ok that...
  4. surfdevil83

    Parts box dsr 920

    If anyone wants a old dsr920 with a dead battery for parts let me know. Time to clean house. Just come and get it. Surfdevil83
  5. surfdevil83

    Dead id?

    How can I tell if a resently purchaced dsr920's id is a dud from a dead battery? Here is the id 04-0004-1000-3b Good or scrap metal? I have a feeling she's bad.:(
  6. surfdevil83

    dsr401 project

    Since I found my 922 I have friends and family that want cband. Well as we all know 922's are made from that special material unoptainium. On the other hand here in Canada 401's are everywhere for about five dollars at your local thrift store. So the project began... I started reading in the...
  7. surfdevil83

    ku hunting

    Well I'm on holidays this week and it's raining!! So the search is on. My idea was to search the ku generics to see if there was anything still there sat by sat. I know we don't talk about generics in open forum but it general before I waste several hours, will I find anything at all? I not...
  8. surfdevil83

    sat locations and id's

    I have been playing around with my 922 and I found signal on p9 with several digital sations.(not itc) What sat is p9 and p3 and is there a list of programing for these birds. Not really important just playing around and curious. Thanks surfdevil83
  9. surfdevil83

    hf splitter

    What kind of hf splitter would you guys suggest to hook up my fta and my 4dtv together? Is there a certain model of switch that is better then others?
  10. surfdevil83

    922 master reset

    Well I finally found a 922 for a cheap price. I called and suscribed to the dicovery mini pack and so far I'm happy with it. Now that the reciever is active with my channels, can I still do a master reset to clear all the old channels that don't work? Or will reseting to factory wipe my...
  11. surfdevil83


    I have been looking for a provider in canada that still offers true cband programing and I found a guy that can set me up with a new 922 shipped to my door for around $750. My question is are these recievers able to pick up other channels like a free to air unit(g4,g18,g11), or with a...
  12. surfdevil83


    Has anyone had any luck with this bird in toronto? If so what transponder and skew are you using? I'm trying to push my 1.2 as far east as I can, to see whats out there on the other side. Thanks Surfdevil83.
  13. surfdevil83

    grabbed a new dish

    I left a note on a older ladys house asking about her old white solid dish. And she called on the weekend saying just come and take it. From the road it looked like a 8 foot or maybe a 10. When I went to take it down turns out it's a monster 12 foot andrews dish. Are these worth the space...
  14. surfdevil83

    Blind scan

    Found a strange channel a couple of days ago that comes and goes on g16. If anyone is interested try 3949V 13330. I get 9mhz,pal,rs422 as a channel name. Have fun.
  15. surfdevil83

    mesh or solid?

    Today I went bud seaching. I found and contacted two local people that would be tickled pink to see thier buds removed. I also contacted another person who has a mint condition 8 foot mesh that intends to turn it into a gazebo and would not part with it. This was very sad! Anyway my question is...
  16. surfdevil83

    bsc621-2 switching

    I set up a 1.2 mini bud with a bsc621-2. The cband side of this lnb works very well but the ku leaves much to be disired. Is there any way to bypass the internal switch for c and ku? I want to run the c band part of the lnb and use a external switch to connect to my qph031 for ku on the same...
  17. surfdevil83

    new style c and ku lnb

    Ive been scanning the skys with my six foot solid bud with a c band only gospel lnb with disappointing results. The bud is on the clarke belt with good signal but I only seem to find religious channels or something other then english. The system I'm using to scan is a viewsat 9000hd with a vbox2...