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  1. am7crew

    View upcoming air times?

    Hey guys I just got the hopper 3 and joeys installed and have a few questions.. 1. Is there a way to view upcoming air times for shows either in the guide or searching? 2. The guide is wider than my tv however when I go to settings/tv adjust screen it's just solid black. I've looked on my tv's...
  2. am7crew

    New install audio sync problem [quick help appreciated]

    Hey guys, Need some quick help. I got a genie and 2 wired mini's installed today. it was really early so after the install I saw the picture was fine and went back to sleep. got up and noticed the audio and video had a major sync issue on all 3 boxes. I reset all of them but it didn't help. I...
  3. am7crew

    Keep recordings?

    Hey guys I have a hopper and the HDMI plug on the back went out, its not a problem because I can use comp net cables but I'm curious if I get a replacement, using a external drive can i moved by recordings from the old one to the new or no?
  4. am7crew

    Considering Switching, HD channel NOT on D*?

    Hey all, Im considering switching back to Dish from Directv and was wondering if anyone could let me know what channels Dish has that aren't on D* and vice versa (minus sports channels). I really liked the Hopper and Prime Time Anytime. Thanks in advance I searched google but could really find...
  5. am7crew

    Quick question regarding channel

    I spoke with a rep that told me tvgn is in hd on channel 4391 however I haven't been able to find anything online confirming this. Can anyone check and let me know? Don't have hoppers hooked up at the moment.
  6. am7crew

    How and Where to Move from Atlanta, GA?

    If my MyATL and NBC go dark at midnight where another market where I can 'move' to and how should I go about this?
  7. am7crew

    Watch Recordings on "Paused Account"

    I will be going out of town for a few months and am going to put my account on 'dish pause'. My question is can you watch the recordings on the hopper while on pause? Reason I ask is a friend will coming over daily to walk my dogs and I didnt want to tell him he could watch a recording only to...
  8. am7crew

    Friends on nick@nite audio out of sync

    my girlfriend records friends on nick@nite and since switching to Dish have noticed the audio is out of sync, its been this way for the last 3 weeks or so when I switched. Is there anyway to fix this? The problem isnt occurring on uverse or directv.
  9. am7crew

    Joey's Go into standby mode on its own

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but it seems my Joey's go into stand by mode on theyre own if on the same channel for too long. Is there a way to disable what seems to be power save mode?
  10. am7crew


    Does Dish have any plans of adding more HD premiums from HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax to catch up with what D* has?
  11. am7crew

    Got 2 Hoppers 3 Joeys Installed Today, Thinking of Canceling

    I was coming from U-Verse where the PQ was so great so when the hopper/joey came out I was sold on switching. After the install today which took about 4 hours but the tech was real cool Im noticing the same PQ issues on fast scenes and video with all of spotlights/flashing lights, so I called...
  12. am7crew

    Quick Question before Signing Up (Max Shows Recording)

    Saw the unboxing video (Hopper and Joey Exclusive Video Unboxing at Solid Signal - YouTube) from solid signal and it states in the disadvantages section that it can only record 2 things at once, I would think this is true when PTAT it on and recording but in late night hours and afternoon the...
  13. am7crew

    Question About tuners

    So the hopper allows 3 HD recordings when not in prime time hours, Im wondering if the hopper is recording 3 things can the Joey's in the other rooms still watch different live TV at the same time?
  14. am7crew

    TV Land HD Now Live

    Channel 1138.
  15. am7crew

    AT&T U-verse Customers Get More HD and International Channels

    The new channels include: FOX Soccer HD, FOX Sports Arizona HD, fuse HD, GolTV HD, and Nat Geo WILD HD with qualifying HD packages. With more than 170 HD channels, U-verse TV has more HD channels than anyone.** Spanish-language channel Nat Geo Mundo and Utilisima, available for U200 Latino...
  16. am7crew

    Havoc Television HD now live - 1490

    1490 - Havoc Television HD is now up on U-Verse.
  17. am7crew

    NBA League Pass HD question

    Are both Dish and Direct off the same about of HD games covered with the NBA League Pass?
  18. am7crew

    The Movie Channel Xtra 328

    On Dish's site is states this channel is in HD (Playboy Channel, Movie Channels & Premium TV - DISH Network) However I dont get it. I have America's Everything with Platinum HD and only get the SD version of this. I called Dish and they said it is in HD and not sure why noe of my boxes are...
  19. am7crew

    Upgrade internal hard drive in 612?

    Just curious if its possible to upgrade the internal hard drive in a OWNED 612 DVR? I put a 500gb in there in place of the 320, it reformatted itself on boot up and still said 30hours of HD available 200 of SD. I didnt have programing at the time as Im thinking about coming back to dish. But was...
  20. am7crew

    211 Plus External Drive question..

    If I had a 211k and hooked up a external drive to make it a dvr can I record 2 shows at once or no?