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    MRV New reciever

    I currently have multi room viewing with 2 HDDVRs and 1 standard DVR without a DECA. Everything works as it should. If I were to add another compatible receiver, would it automatically be in the MRV setup? Meaning seeing the other receivers etc. Thanks
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    Whole-Home DVR

    I have 2 HDDVRs and 1 standard DVR. Back in beta everything worked very well. Recently I have been running into the only 2 tuner issue when wanting to record programming and decided to order the Whole-DVR service. With my setup, the CSR told me that I needed to have a DECA installed and a new...
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    MRV Question

    I will be making the switch soon and I have a question about the MRV that is being worked on. I will be getting 3 DVRs, 2 HD and 1 SD. Will I (eventually) be about to see content from any DVR on any TV (DVR)? This is by no means a deal breaker/maker, I was just curious. -SNT
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    What the hell is this about?!?!

    Free Dish Network, Adult, PPV, Premium etc. Installed (link removed) -SNT
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    Just got one.

    I need another DVD player anyway, so I bought the A30 from Amazon for $150. It's hooked up to my 50" Samsung LED DLP and the picture is really good. But why do I have black bars on the top and bottom? I played Bourne (HD DVD) and Star Wars III (DVD) and they both had the bars. -SNT
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    Orlando Area WOFL OTA

    Not sure this is right place. A couple weeks or so ago 35.1 was out. Since it has came back on about a week ago, I have not had guide data for that channel. I do sub to DISH locals and have the data for the others, but not this one. I have rebooted my 942 a number of times with no luck. I...
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    I lost the Voom channels

    Looking the levels, 61.5 is red and it says "Wrong Sat - EchoStar 119 West" Doing a Check Switch: Port: 1 2 3 Sat: 119 110 Conn Trans: OK OK X Device: Twin Twin Twin Status: Reception Verfied Switch: DPP Twin Satellite Input 2 says the same thing...
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    I glanced at the homepage and saw a blurb about the YES Network. I almost fell off the chair in excitement. Then, I read the rest and well, what an emotional high and low in the course of second and a half. :( I thought for a second that I may have a reason the order MLB EI. -SNT
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    What are these? Well, actually I know what they are, just wondering what the uses are for these at this site. -SNT
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    Auto Protect Events

    I have the 942 and some of the shows/movies we record, we won't watch for a while. Is there a setting to automatically protect the show after it has been recorded? I remembered a movie I recorded that I wanted to watch only to find out that it was gone. I was a little aggravating. -SNT
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    Upgrading from 942

    I am not sure I care enough about the new programming to want to do it. This is why I am asking here and not calling DISH. Just had a 942 installed on January 9th after paying the $250 lease fee. Now I found out about the 622 and the new HD content. After less then a month of the...
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    Antenna Recommendation

    I will be getting a 942 soon and would like an antenna recommendation. antennaweb shows this: I am more concerned with the "red" channels then anything else. I would like an antenna not real big and is preferably not an eye-sore ( you know, the wife). Oh and it would be nice if it was in the...