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  1. edpkp81

    Adding another receiver

    I presently have a VIP622, VIP612 and a 508, all leased, so I am at my 4 tuner limit. I have a DPP 33 switch. I'd like to add another SD receiver that I plan on buying from the Dish Store. What do I need to do with the present switch to make this all work?
  2. edpkp81

    Remote Control and Slingbox

    I have a Slingbox Solo connected to my 622. I use a UHF remote (6.3) to control TV1. Is there a way to get the remote control feature to work on Sling Player if I'm using a UHF remote?
  3. edpkp81

    Sling Solo and 622

    I'm thinking of getting a Sling Solo and connecting to my VIP 622. When I access live TV via Sling does that mean those at home watching TV1 will have to watch the same channel? What about when I access something on my DVR - will those at home have to watch what I am watching? Thanks.
  4. edpkp81

    Lost HDMI signal

    Last night when I turned on my lcd tv, there was as message on the screen that said no signal (a tv message while in hdmi input mode). I checked the hdmi connection in the back of my 622 and it appeared to be connected firmly. When I disconnected, the tv message changed from 'no signal' to...
  5. edpkp81

    Pink Screen in Scranton DMA

    Anyone else have a pink screen on WBRE and WYOU in Scranton/WB area?
  6. edpkp81

    Seagate Free Agent 500 GB HD

    Seagate Free Agent 500 GB HD Not Working My Seagate Free Agent 500 GB HD is making a beeping sound and I can hear the drive spinning very slow. Is it toast?
  7. edpkp81

    All DVR Events Protected

    This morning I discovered all my recordings are protected. :confused: Not sure how this happened but was wondering if there was an easier way to unprotect everything besides doing it individually.
  8. edpkp81

    No 119 signal

    Came home tonight to find I have no signal on 119. This morning there were no problems. I have 70-90's signal strength on the 110 sat. Any suggestions on what steps I should do to troubleshoot this problem will be greatly appreciated.
  9. edpkp81

    Eastern Arc

    Currently I have a dish pointed at 110 and 119 and a wing dish pointed at 61.5. Will I need an additional dish for Eastern Arc and, if so, what direction will it need to be pointed at? My concern is the two present dishes have a clear LOS but all other directions are blocked by trees.
  10. edpkp81

    PM Spam

    Anyone else get a spam PM from "Jeannette"?
  11. edpkp81

    Peaking Dish

    Which TP's should I use to peak my dishes for Sat's 110, 119 and 61.5?
  12. edpkp81

    Charge on Dish Statement

    I am drawing a blank as to what the following charge is for on my Dish statement: Digital and IHSP - $5.00 Thanks in advance!
  13. edpkp81

    VIP 622/Switch problem

    I have a Dish 500 for 110 and 119 and a second 500 for 61.5. They are run to a DP34 switch which feeds a VIP622 and two other SD receivers. This morning I received an message on my screen stating there is a switch problem and to run 'Check Switch'. I did this and received the following: Sat 1...
  14. edpkp81

    Sportsnet NY HD on Dish this summer

    According to this article, Dish Network plans to start carrying SNY HD sometime this summer.
  15. edpkp81

    119 Problem

    Anyone else having problems with the 119 sat? I have no signal on that sat.
  16. edpkp81

    Problems with IR Remote for VIP 622

    I am having problems with my IR remote for TV1 on my VIP 622. It works some of the time and other times it takes multiple presses of a button before it will work. The TV and VCR modes work fine. I have changed the batteries but that doesn't help. My UHF remote works fine (I am presently...
  17. edpkp81

    UHF Remote for TV1

    I have a VIP 622 and would like to use a UHF remote for both TV1 and TV2. I have an extra UHF remote from a returned dual tuner DVR (I forget the model number). Can this be done and, if so, what do I need to do?
  18. edpkp81

    Uplinked vs. Available

    Is there any relationship between when a channel is uplinked and when it will become available to a subscriber?
  19. edpkp81

    New York RSN's in HD

    Anyone know if/when the New York RSN's in HD will be available to subscribers? I see they have been uplinked.