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  1. Jkauf55

    Something New on the Guide?

    Oh cool! Thanks!
  2. Jkauf55

    Something New on the Guide?

    Sorry for asking this -> Been A LONG TIME since ive been on here! Woke up this morning and turned on TV and got message about hitting PLAY on remote from On-Demand blah blah blah, BUT ive noticed these 'notches' on the guide on different channels? What are they and what do they stand for...
  3. Jkauf55

    (2) HR24 / (1) H21 MRV trying to watch recordings...

    Not same program. 2 different shows from same list (living room receiver)
  4. Jkauf55

    (2) HR24 / (1) H21 MRV trying to watch recordings...

    Ok first here's my receivers set up.. Living Room: HR24 Master Bed: Hr24 Kid room: H21 So is it my understanding that both (for example) master bedroom and kids room CANNOT watch something from the livingroom list (recordings) AT THE SAME TIME?!?! Is there a setting or something I need...
  5. Jkauf55

    CE's for the Weekend of 1.27

    NO H21-H24 or HR20-HR24 CE release planned for tonight
  6. Jkauf55

    H24 + HR24 Receivers and wifi

    i use deca and was having to reset/ attach cable, blah blah blah and was becoming to much so i ordered the Directv Cinema Wireless box ($30) and took 5 mins to hookup and setup and all is MUCH better!
  7. Jkauf55

    Adding wireless Internet to MRV

    Thanks Charper! Finally found a dtv DCCK manual online and got one ordered... This way seems so much easier! Thanks again and happy new year!!!
  8. Jkauf55

    Adding wireless Internet to MRV

    Hey guys need some help/advice. I have MRV I set up myself and is working perfectly--NO problems what so ever! I want to add a wireless to my setup. Here's my setup up: First the satellite is connect thru my cable box outside the house as I was w/ Comcast before so the installer just used...
  9. Jkauf55

    H21-H25 & HR20-HR24 CE Release 11/25

    Downloading now hoping all goes well...
  10. Jkauf55

    HD Extra Pack

    if we can do this (cancel then readd for another 3 months) then why doesnt DTV just put these channels into a package? I cant imagine this is a big money maker for DTV..
  11. Jkauf55

    One change you'd make to the D* receiver

    i would like to see a clock built in so i can walk into a room and look at the front of the box and see the time.. Id also like to see the guide color coded like tv shows , sports , and movies... like comcast guide
  12. Jkauf55

    CE's for the Weekend of 12.10

    Just d/l.. its been awhile since ive been on the CE trail. Mind answering the YouTube thing? Keyword the IAMANEDGECUTTER and UTUB3ON. So now what?
  13. Jkauf55

    Auto tune option??

    Nope... I have MRV and on my H21 I have the option to record once record series and autotune. This show be like this on a HR2x a long time ago
  14. Jkauf55

    Direct Installed Today, Hur-ray?

    To record only new episodes on remote hit Menu then scroll to Manage Recordings-> Record Defaults-> Episode Type needs to be First Run
  15. Jkauf55

    Losing Faith In Direct TV - HELP ! ! !

    Not true... Had issues with my HR20 and the tech came out and swapped it with a HR24. Been with them for a few years, so I think it's just what is on hand/available.
  16. Jkauf55

    Losing Faith In Direct TV - HELP ! ! !

    I'm sorry I was only quoting what he said (then again he likes to use that word alot)! I never a had problem either except that one time and it got changed out.
  17. Jkauf55

    Losing Faith In Direct TV - HELP ! ! !

    My inlaws dropped D* for UVerse and they hate it. Went over to watch the ball game last weekend and the HD is not that good. Could be where they live and don't get a good feed or what but I wasn't impress what so ever! I'll stick with D*
  18. Jkauf55

    Losing Faith In Direct TV - HELP ! ! !

    Is the HR21 a silver box? I had a HR20 and was having problems very similar and some time while watching tv the pic would drop out and the circular lights on the box would flash in a Y pattern (10,2, and 6pm a clock). Called DTV and told them slow response and pic dropping, did some test over...
  19. Jkauf55

    Quick Question about Whole Home DVR setup

    Thank you sir! And I'm sorry I misread your previous post (doing all this from iPhone) and assumed I couldn't do it w/ wireless.. Thanks again :)