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  1. stmcld

    Jared Lorenzen

    Former University of Kentucky and NY Giants quarterback Jared Lorenzen has passed away at the age of 38. Jared was admitted into a hospital 6 days ago and was fighting an infection and lost that battle earlier today. As a Kentucky fan watching him, the Hefty Lefty, play was a joy. Ive been...
  2. stmcld

    Frank Robinson

    It is being reported that Frank Robinson has passed away at the age of 83. First black manager in MLB and one fantastic ball player.
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    Around May 5th of this year i decided I needed to be serious about my health. Diets really don't work for most people because for most of them to be successful you must count calories and for the average person, you are constantly hungry. My niece and nephew had started the Ketogenic Lifestyle...
  4. stmcld

    Amazon Prime Video

    This is now available through the Apple TV. Haven't dug in yet but all of the video's I own through Amazon popped up.
  5. stmcld

    NCAA Corruption

    This is a HUGE story. I bet it is just the start too. After comments by Rick Pitino of Louisville, I am wondering if this will result in the death sentence for that program. NCAA coaches among 10 arrested for corruption
  6. stmcld

    2017 NFL Forecast

    AFC East Patriots AFC North Steelers AFC South Titans AFC West Raiders WC Texans WC Chiefs AFC Champ Chiefs NFC East Cowboys NFC North Packers NFC South Falcons NFC West Cardinals WC Panthers WC Seahawks NFC Champ Falcons Super Bowl Champ Falcons MVP Matt Ryan ROY Joe Mixon Worse...
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    MLB TV Today only

    Today only. MLB.TV is Just $17.99 For The Rest of 2017 (Today Only) - Cord Cutters News
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    Hulu Beta

    Well, the trial for this upcoming service ends, at least for me, the middle of next week. The service improved much from when it started and seemed to really take customer feedback intro consideration. The DVR improved quite a bit and it now pretty easy to use. Live channels were a royal pain...
  9. stmcld

    New BBC Streaming Service

  10. stmcld

    Twitter and TNF

    Did anyone else watch the Thursday night game via the Twitter app? I watched it through my Apple TV and I thought the picture was very good. I tried it with the tweets on the right hand side but that would take getting some used to. For me at least. All in all, not bad.
  11. stmcld

    Rafael Palmeiro

    Here is a very good read on Rafael. Whether he was a cheater or just a victim, his reputation was crushed by what he testified to and the positive test. Rafael, Will Clark, Bobby Thigpen, were fun to watch at MS State and in the pro's. Raffy had a great swing and should be in the HOF. It's a...
  12. stmcld

    Superstitious Athletes

    In honor of Friday the 13th I thought I would start a thread on the most superstitious athletes I remember in sports. First, I present Mike Hargrove, "The Human Rain Delay". (See video link below) Another I remember is Turk Wendell who would jump over baselines, chew licorice, and a few other...
  13. stmcld

    Shoeless Joe Jackson

    i hope he is in reinstated.
  14. stmcld

    Marcus Lattimore

    I found this to be a very good story. I thought this kid would be "it" in the NFL but injuries prevented that career. I think SB Nation does a very good job with these types of story's.
  15. stmcld

    Dexter Manley

    This is a really good read. The story is sad and shows how some struggle so much with temptation and maybe it isn't completely their fault.
  16. stmcld

    St. Louis Cardinals

    This is mind boggling to me. That such a class organization would be accused and maybe involved in something like this, wow.
  17. stmcld

    Teams in L.A?

    This is an interesting take on the NFL in L.A, San Diego, and ST. Louis.
  18. stmcld

    Georgia Bill #3

    Not sure if this should go into the college football thread but I decided to post it separately. Georgia passing a bill on those who enter into contracts with college athletes.
  19. stmcld

    Jerome Kersey

    Jerome Kersey, age 52 passed away last night. Great player and way to young. Cause of death has not been announced yet. The Trailblazer nation lost a good one.
  20. stmcld

    Bill Simmons

    Well Bill, you got your wish. Now what?