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  1. Jkauf55

    Something New on the Guide?

    Sorry for asking this -> Been A LONG TIME since ive been on here! Woke up this morning and turned on TV and got message about hitting PLAY on remote from On-Demand blah blah blah, BUT ive noticed these 'notches' on the guide on different channels? What are they and what do they stand for...
  2. Jkauf55

    (2) HR24 / (1) H21 MRV trying to watch recordings...

    Ok first here's my receivers set up.. Living Room: HR24 Master Bed: Hr24 Kid room: H21 So is it my understanding that both (for example) master bedroom and kids room CANNOT watch something from the livingroom list (recordings) AT THE SAME TIME?!?! Is there a setting or something I need...
  3. Jkauf55

    Adding wireless Internet to MRV

    Hey guys need some help/advice. I have MRV I set up myself and is working perfectly--NO problems what so ever! I want to add a wireless to my setup. Here's my setup up: First the satellite is connect thru my cable box outside the house as I was w/ Comcast before so the installer just used...
  4. Jkauf55

    Quick Question about Whole Home DVR setup

    Hey guys quick question about the whole home set-up (doing this myself). I currently have a HDDVR HR24-200 (uses SWiM), as well as H21. I know/read that the HR24 has the DECA built in so to use the WH DVR service, I would only need the 1 DECA unit for the H21 correct? Also will these work...
  5. Jkauf55

    HR24-200 Specs

    Hey guys sorry for this ive searched and couldnt really find anything on this. My HR20 HDDVR crapped out and the DTV Tech came out and swapped it out for a HR24-200 My question is can anyone tell me some info about the HR24? Storage size? Is it any good? It looks alot better than the silver...
  6. Jkauf55

    Trying to watch The Masters on CBS

    Trying to watch the masters on CBS and im getting some MAJOR pixelation on the screen about every 5 minutes! HASNT been doing this at all til today! Its sunny and clear out and NOTHING blocking my line of sight! Is it just me and my system? Or is it CBS? ------- E D I T -------...
  7. Jkauf55

    Score guide

    So when i turn to ESPN to try to find the score of the hockey game ive noticed the "scoreguide" popup isnt showing; especially the only time i want to use it! Ive pressed the red button on remote and get nothing! Any ideas?
  8. Jkauf55

    Stanford vs ND Blackout

    any clue why ESPN2 is blacked out where i cant watch Stanford ND game? info says either Georgia vs Ga Tech or ND vs Stanford. they are showing the GA vs GA Tech game on ABC so why is espn2 blacked out and not showing the other game? My local paper list the Nd Stan game on ESPN2 and GA GA Tech...
  9. Jkauf55

    Crazy Ques about 103S

    So im doing the CE program and the other day i was bored and looked at my signal strengths on my HR20-700 and my 101 is at 97%, 99c at 92%, 99s at 83%, 103c at 92%, and finally my 103s at 0%. I know that the S beams are spot beams and the C beams are national beams, and the S signals...
  10. Jkauf55


    Am i missing something or just behind on news but my espn classic is greyed out and get the "channel not purchased" message. I know i have this channel watched something on it the other day. Is it moved to a sports package? or what?
  11. Jkauf55

    Ques about Game Lounge

    I ordered the 6 months access of Game Lounge for the kids and was wondering when it close to the 6 month will DTV notify me about renewing or will it automatically renew its-self?
  12. Jkauf55

    2 Features Id love to See

    1) id love to see the Guide color coordinated something like the pic where normal programming in Blue, Sports in Green and Movies in Purple! 2) While on the guide and you hit info on the screen and it gives you the description of that particular show id be nice to show at beginning "NEW" for...
  13. Jkauf55

    Ques about DTV dish

    I got the slim line dish and 2 (out of 4) local channels freeze up sometimes and pix elites sometimes. These are also HD local news channels and some programming and only effects these 2 channels here of late. I check the signals and they are 101 is 95-96%, 99(c) 91-95% 99(s) 65-68% 103(s)...
  14. Jkauf55

    NBAHD Channel

    Came home from work today and was scrolling thru the guide and i see that the NBAHD ch 601 is up and running. Is this a free preview thing or is the channel up and running? My understanding was that the channel wasn't going to start until around the 10 season..
  15. Jkauf55

    Birds New Target

    Dumb Question... Ive noticed that birds are using my dish for target practice with their (ill be nice) poop... will this interfere with the signal, do i need to hose off or is it OK? sorry im trying to be comical as well as serious!!!!
  16. Jkauf55


    so im sitting here watching a program on my DTV and a commerical for Dish Network came on. I found it funny to see a Dish commerical. Whats next a Comcast commercial about their cable service? :rolleyes:
  17. Jkauf55

    NO HBO On Demand...

    i noticed that there is NO HBO OnDemand. Any reason for this? I see the other movie channels, just not HBO
  18. Jkauf55

    Satellite Install Test Ques...

    i was checking out the setup my installer did and in the satellite setup menu, i noticed after the satellite dish setup it did a varifying config, then verifying your installation and get a installation status of this: ODD (13v) 99* and 103* have RED X's EVEN (18v) 99* Have RED X's BOTH...
  19. Jkauf55

    Question about a Package

    Im a new customer and got the Choice Xtra PLUS HD DVR, where the HD access AND dvr service is included in the price of the package for 65.99/month for 12 months. My question is after 12 months will the HD access and DVR service fees still be included with the package?
  20. Jkauf55

    What I would LOVE to see on the Guide

    When i had cable on the guide it would define the different channels with one in green as sports, movies were in a red like color and regular shows/series were in normal blue. I sometimes scroll past a movie because it wasnt color coordinated... Will this be something DTV will do in the...