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  1. satjay

    Comcast Rates going UP

    I have them as my internet provider not looking forward to my December bill for next years prices. I have one Gigibit speed that runs around 117.00 a month alone
  2. satjay

    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    Forgot that the Dish America package was around, I remember the excitement of a all HD package :)
  3. satjay

    Here is to 19 years! Happy Birthday SatelliteGuys!

    Happy anniversary, 16 years ago I stumbled across a forum that caught my interest as a satellite fan, from the heads up on breaking news to the technical advice and sports and friendly interaction on other topics this site it’s been a blast. I could go on and on about the benefits this site had...
  4. satjay

    NFL 2021

    Yes, after that game there are basically games on every week until the end of the season :)
  5. satjay

    HBO is BACK on DISH

    Watching the HBO information channel that Dish set up, when they discuss HBO max they don’t allude to a app being on the Hopper any thoughts on that being added in the future?
  6. satjay

    HBO is BACK on DISH

    Looking forward to when the HBO Max app is available, will be nice to use the Hopper to use that app!
  7. satjay

    HBO is BACK on DISH

    In the words of AMC and MLB Network, never say never :) Happy HBO is back
  8. satjay

    Retailer Chat Tommorow

    Was a fun time back then having the CEO on tv talking basics, prices, new HD adds, channel Packages. Those were the days and of course Scott being the last caller :)
  9. satjay

    Hopper 3 Software H305 5/14

    Not trying to get sentimental because it was a long time ago, but he installed my first dish system. I know he had issues with dish later on and that was unfortunate for all
  10. satjay

    Hostess Snack Cakes Recall

    It’s been a while since I had a hostess product, though I know the product is different then what is was prior to the new company buying the name and trademarks when old hostess went bankrupt and shut down. Items look a bit smaller
  11. satjay

    What are you Watching?

    Country music awards
  12. satjay

    WWE Makes Peacock It's Home

    It’s a bummer that right now Raw episodes from 98-2002 are not available. I have been watching them working from home. Looks like for now earliest is 2003
  13. satjay

    What's For Lunch?

  14. satjay

    WWE Makes Peacock It's Home

    My gripe is I guess the older content is not up yet and won’t be up for a few months like Raw and Nitro, during quarantine/working from home I have been watching episodes, I am a few months into 1998 I do remember though the network will be up for a little longer, I will have to get a few...
  15. satjay

    Dear Dish:

    I thought this email should end with “Bang-Bang” :) But yea, folks from Dish have been known to lurk as well comment on questions and concerns
  16. satjay

    Hopper 4(Is One Coming)??

    It’s the rebirth...The Hopper 922 :)
  17. satjay

    Fox Sports Nets

    I highly doubt that a combination of locals and RSN’s will make Dish change there mind on things
  18. satjay

    My Article on the EA Sports series of Sega Genesis Hockey Games

    Play them all to this day. During covid my retro gaming has increased big time with playing and purchases.
  19. satjay

    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    I know it doesn’t fit in today’s social media society, it would be fun to see a Charlie chat again!
  20. satjay

    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    I have had Dish service for a bit more then 10 years. Fun times for seeing all the changes, new receivers and technology over time. I remember when HD locals being introduced was huge! :)