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  1. cruzmisl

    Anyone have a code for the Ray remote?

    I deleted the Dish email which had the code and my Dad wants one for Christmas. Thanks!! Joe
  2. cruzmisl

    External storage problem (VIP 622)

    Hi All, I had a recent lightning strike that toasted my receiver. The attached hard drive now shuts down my new receiver. Is there a way to copy the programs to my new HD using my computer which doesn't shut down? Any ideas? I have a ton of programs I don't want to lose. Thanks J.
  3. cruzmisl

    VIP 622 won't let me add any timers....

    Hi All, Recently my 622 had forgotten all my timers. I had to manually update the guide after a hard reboot but all the scheduled timers were empty. I had to delete them all then add them back in. Trouble is the unit now says "maximum number of event timers reached" and wants me to delete before...
  4. cruzmisl

    Can I hook up Dish 500 to 1000.4?

    Hi, The 1000.4 dish was insatlled yesterday but I lost an SD local that was on the 500. Its available on the 1000.4 but its HD and my DVR will fill up quickly with all the wife's "stories". Can I run a coax to the 1000.4 from the 500 to get the channel back? Thanks! J.
  5. cruzmisl

    Got a letter from Dish...two actually...

    Hi All, Back in December I got a few letters from Dish asking me to call about an upgrade that is required. I never called because I forgot but was wondering if anyone knows what its about. I have a VIP622/612 and a 211. Do they want to upgrade one of my receivers? Thanks! J.
  6. cruzmisl

    Time limit for events on external drive?

    Hi, I like to keep concert events on my external hard drive but lately at least half a dozen have gone missing but I never deleted them. Is there an "expiry" where they are automatically deleted? Is this just a quirk? I'm using a Seagate 500GB drive if that matters and a VIP 622. Thanks! Cruz.
  7. cruzmisl

    Gold HD vs. Platinum HD??

    HI All, Anyone know the differences between the two? I'm being charged $10/month for each one. Why do I need both? Is there something on the Gold HD that isn't on the Platinum? Thanks, J.
  8. cruzmisl

    Can't get second tuner to work. Any ideas?

    Hi All, I have a 612DVR that I hooked up today and the receiver works but the second tuner is not functioning. I aimed the dish without the "splitter" for the second tuner. I just ran the cable into Tuner 1. I then hooked up the "splitter" (sorry don't know the correct name for it) and ran a...
  9. cruzmisl

    VIP612 and external HD problem. Can you help?

    HI All, I had a WD 350GB drive hooked up to my 612 and aside from being a bit small it worked great. I got a good deal on a Seagate Free Agent USB 2.0 750GB drive and it has tons of storage but loses communication with the receiver. After a few hours or so if I try and access the drive it...
  10. cruzmisl

    Dumbest thing I've ever heard of (billing)

    Hi, I pimped my brother to get Dish. He doesn't have credit cards so he had to use a green dot money card to pay his bill. Anyway, he went to order a PPV and it wouldn't work. He called customer service and they said since he has no CC that he needs to have a credit on the account in order for...
  11. cruzmisl

    If I get a signal strength of 60 with a dish 300.....

    Hi, If I get a signal strength of 60 on 61.5 with a dish 300 what strength could I expect if I were to swap the dish out with a Winegard 30" dish? Curious if its worth the effort/expense. Hoping to minimize rain fade as much as possible. Thanks, Joe
  12. cruzmisl

    Which Dish combination will yield the highest signal with a 722?

    Hi All, Not too happy with the 1000.4 dish (eastern arc). Even with 50-60 signal strength I get rain fade with light rainfall. Is there a dish combo (maybe a 500 for 119/110 and another 500 with an I bracket for 61.5) that would yield a stronger signal. Thanks a ton! Joe
  13. cruzmisl

    Average signal strength of DISH 1000.4

    Hi I hung a 1000.4 with a 722 best signal I could get was about 60 across all three birds (eastern arc) I am in michigan. Is that normal? I'm getting rain fade. Thanks Joe
  14. cruzmisl

    Any install tips for 1000.4 sat? I'm having trouble....

    HI All, I just got a 722 and a 1000.4 dish. I am in the Detroit area and set the dish up as my retailer suggested. Skew at 78 (Itthink thats what it was) and elevation at 39. He suggested running the single line to the 61.5 slot transponder 29, tuning it, then doing a check switch and all...
  15. cruzmisl

    Credit card needed?

    I'm trying to convert my brother from cable to Dish (free months for me) but he doesn't have a credit card. If he buys the equipment will they send him monthly bills? He cut all his cards at the start of the recession. Thanks, Joe
  16. cruzmisl

    Two phone numbers-same account?

    Hi All, I want to add a 722 to replace my 622 and move my 622 downstairs. Trouble is the phone jack downstairs has a different phone number (my office phone) from the one the 722 would be using. Is this an issue? I'd rather not pay $5/month for nothing. Ideas? Thanks, Joe
  17. cruzmisl

    Can I add another receiver?

    Hi All, I have a 622, 625 and a 211. All are only hooked up to single TV's but I want to upgrade the 622 to a 722 and move the 622 to my bar. Will they allow me to do that? Is there a maximum number of receivers one can add to an account? All the TV's I have are HD and I hate SD signal on...
  18. cruzmisl

    Difference between 622 and 722?

    Hi All, Aside from more storage and different OTA tuner what are the other differences? I'm thinking of upgrading and moving my 622 to my basement TV and using the 722 as my main. Thanks, Joe
  19. cruzmisl

    622 DVR events disappearing. Any advice?

    Hi All, I have a few programs that are no longer on my DVR but I did not delete them. Any idea why or if I can recover them? I always had enough room for new recordings so I'm not sure why they were deleted. Thanks, Joe
  20. cruzmisl

    Extending UHF range of remote control?

    Hi, I have my 722 mounted in the basement and TV 2 is up a floor. I guess its mounted in a poor location because the range is really poor despite fresh batteries and the antenna hooked up properly. I was wondering if I could use some RG6 to essentially extend the antenna. This way I can mount...