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    DISH antenna stolen - twice. Help!!

    Use a bolt with a torx head on it. Even fewer people are going to have those handy.
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    why can't i move??????

    I always say I'm moving to my summer house (changing service address only) which already has dish equipment installed, and I'm just taking my receiver with me. Haven't had an issue. I use my parents address as the summer address.
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    Dish and NESN question

    You can always "move" (change your service address) to NE. You can get all of the sox games that way.
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    Charter Sueing Directv in Ad claims

    My parents are stuck with them in NH...they suck hopefully they never emerge from chapter 11
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    My ViP722 Just Went Suicidal

    They might comp the first module if they don't provide your locals
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    OTA Tuner on 622 VS 722K

    Marketing manager?:)
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    HDMI version on 722

    The manual probably means HDMI1.3a is required to view 1080p24 content, deep color, etc
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    The Dish April 1st New HD Saga (Merged Threads)

    DMA #80 feels your pain. At least our antennas are in the same spot.
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    It's Uplink Day!

    Full time NESN will piss the wife off...time to "move" back with my parents for the summer, and she will be back to setting manual timers to record network tv.
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    722 toslink audio problem

    No issues with sending Dolby Digital from a 622 to yamaha rxv2600 over HDMI.
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    ViP722 network connection

    why not just spend 20 bucks and get a 4 port switch and connect both the 722 and the slingcatcher to the network?
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    Questions not Asked at Tech Forum

    Here is another one... Does dish have any plans to do a QAM module similar to the OTA module for the 722k? I know it might not be in dish's best interest, but it would help out a decent amount of customers for the following reasons: 1) The jerks at time warner are now charging me an extra...
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    Flimflam outfit

    At least dish allows a broadband connection to supplement phone. 2 years ago (maybe a little more) it was phone only.
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    How much longer will you be with Dish?

    I have to wait until Frontier goes out of business and is bought by a company that will run fiber to the home. Time warner will never get a penny from me for video service, and the scientific atlanta boxes are the biggest POS out there. 4:3 guides on a HD box is PATHETIC.
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    How many times have you had your ViP 622/722 replaced?

    0 issues, since july of 2007. Well ventilated and on a surge suppressor, and I don't use that over priced cable with poorly fitted hdmi connectors from a certain manufacturer.
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    Forced 811 upgrade questions

    I believe the 811 uses a UHF remote, the 211 does not. I was disappointed when I got my 211 when it came out, but on the upside the ATSC tuner seemed to be more robust in the 211. At least it seemed that way for me. I think the guide menu is nicer as well.
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    VIP211K optical output

    1) The dolby digital\pcm setting described above 2) I know with my Yamaha receiver the digital audio inputs can be assigned to whatever video input I want. So that maybe the issue as well.
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    Local OTA guide data ? for "movers"

    I moved to my parents today to get NESN. Looking at my account info I still am in the Rochester DMA for my locals, and I still get rochester locals (SD) off the satellite with guide data. However, I no longer get guide data for my OTA locals (HD), they just say digital service. I thought that...
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    East Coast...install question

    Yeah I was busy painting inside and was too busy to get the full run down on what was done...I guess I could just find the paperwork.
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    Good experience w/ tech support

    To add on to the positive... The local installers sent out a quality control person last week to make sure everything with the install went well, and the took some pictures and stuff. I was sort of surprised that they did that on their own. All 3 times I have had the Rochester installers...