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    AMIKO How to fix missing North American EPG Channels on Amiko A3

    Special thanks goes to FridgeFTA Forum Members olivero604 & kg4muc for help with this issue. Olivero604 posted something about the transponders that lead me to the problem, kg4muc provided his satellite/channel data and did fix testing to confirm this works. The reason why some of you are...
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    Comcast Xfinity TV, ATSC OTA/terrestrial & IPTV on an Amiko A3 Satellite Receiver

    Let me preface this by saying that DirecTV, DISH & Bell TV should be ashamed. North America is the only part of the world where I CANNOT subscribe to SATELLITE TV using my Amiko A3 SATELLITE RECEIVER, yet I can get Comcast Xfinity Cable on it. Some of you that know me well know I have a sort of...
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    FCC MVPD Hearings: Stand up NOW or you will have LESS CHOICE!!!!

    Everyone reading this needs to pay attention and get of your fat Amerikan asses and do something. If “We the people” fail to act, we will be handing the internet, creative expression and freedom over to the monopolies on a silver platter. The minute you make internet distribution a MVPD you...
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    Benchmarking the OnePlus One Against Other Phones

    I had signed up for an “invite” back in April or May to be able to buy a OnePlus One and was finally able to get the 64Gb in November. This was at the request of friends at AMIKO in Europe that wanted it. After it arrived for some crazy reason I decided I wanted it and stole it from them. :)...
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    Stupid game hackers!!!

    Those script kiddie kids are back at it again, attacking XBOX Live for One & 360 plus PSN. Was playing fine up until a bit ago then started getting connection to Xbox live interrupted popup and can't get into COD AW lobbies. I know Sony and PSN is a bit lax on security but you'd think...
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    One Plus One 64Gb without invite!

    I was just over at and it looks like they have something special going on or excess of the 64Gb model. It is letting me check out with one WITHOUT an invite code. They were just sold out not long ago so this is probably a very limited thing, or a glitch. If you've been...
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    Get Ebru TV (and a couple hundred others) on your Amiko A3

    Most people are aware that Ebru TV US is leaving G19/97W Ku on 31 December 2014. Guys with the Amiko A3 have zero worries since you are on the cutting edge of OTT with your Android powered STB's. It is super easy for A3 guys to get HQ Ebru along with hundreds of other channels with a new XBMC...
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    T’s Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Review (X360)

    I’m going to have to do this in 2 parts since I haven’t gotten far in the campaign yet. This is normally the first thing I play almost straight though in a COD but with Advanced Warfare I’ve been focused on Multiplayer. AW was a first for me personally. I preordered it as soon as it was up at...
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    Get Double XP In Call of Duty: Ghosts, Black Ops II Until October 31

    Activision has kicked off five-day double XP periods for the two most recent Call of Duty games, 2013's Ghosts and 2012's Black Ops II. Beginning today and running through Friday, which is Halloween, players will earn double XP in every match they play in either game. More...
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    Amiko A3 and 16APSK/32APSK

    DISCLAIMER: FRIDGEFTA/AMIKO AMERICAS DOES NOT SPECIFY 16/32APSK FOR AMIKO A3 UNTIL SOMEONE IN NORTH AMERICA CAN VERIFY IT WORKS. Today I happened to notice in AMIKO EUROPE specifications that 16/32APSK is listed. I've got no way to test either of these as I don't think anything comes down using...
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    As requested by Ralf on Sputnik: German Live and IPTV channels on Amiko A3

    Ralf called into Sputnik radio show tonight and asked about German channels on Amiko A3. I knew it would be perfectly doable and was quite easy even without me understanding German or what I was really looking for. I had thought I'd have to "hack" an American A3 into a German unit to get the...
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Guides and Instructions

    Guides are up covering most major aspects of Amiko A3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you view each guide. They will get you around most of the learning curve and help you to not have problems.
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    72W C-band disappeared from latest Amiko A3 list. Can someone confirm?

    Gonna post this over at Satguys and Fridge to hopefully get the best information possible. Today (30 June) I pulled fresh 8W-139W satellite data for the main Amiko A3 satellite list. I just loaded it onto the unit to test and noticed there is only one 72W AMC6 and it is Ku. C-band is completely...
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    FTP and HTTP Server Services for Amiko A3

    (These Apps will be available for install from the A3 Appstore.) Today I tested out FTP & HTTP servers for Amiko A3. For those who do not know, these run on the A3 just like an internet server. Simply put they provide more ways to transfer files and media to/from your A3. For both of these I...
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    Amiko A3 Appstore Early Preview

    ** Note: since this is pre-release some of this might change a bit. ** I think I finally have our A3 Appstore close to the way I want it. Here is an early look and explanation. First, we have Google Play. Why do we need an A3 Appstore with Android Apps? Many good reasons for A3 Appstore. Here...
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    Hello From Amiko In Budapest Hungary

    This is a bit odd but with the new forum I cant start a thread from my tablet but all good on amiko A3. So here is the thread starter, I will return to the bar (and my tablet with photos) to post more.
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    Amiko Americas/FridgeFTA Satellite is pleased to announce that we have an exclusive AMIKO representative at Hamvention 2014. has a booth and plenty of AMIKO and TITANIUM SATELLITE products at the show for demo and purchase. I hear that the awesome Titanium ASC-1 will be...
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    Need assistance from C-band FTA guys

    FridgeFTA/Amiko Americas has been working with Micasa Network on a project. After some discussion we were wondering how strong their signal is in various parts of North America. We’d like to ask the great people in the True FTA community to help us with signal reports. Micasa is on...
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    Introducing Amiko A3

    AMIKO A3 is the name of the new, top of the line Android satellite receiver first revealed on Satellite Nation radio show. Dedicated official sites for Europe and North America have just went active this morning. The Amiko Americas A3 site is still in the early phases. This site will be...
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    Amiko Mini HD, HD SE IR Sensor Clarification

    I'm listening to Satellite Nation live right now and the guys were talking about Amiko Mini HD SE. I won't mention any names but someone there had been plugging in the external IR sensor thinking it was needed for operation. This is only needed on the Nano HD. Mini HD original and Mini HD...