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    Swapping Buds

    I picked up my used BUD today. I want to swap it with the old one. Is there a certain procedure I should follow to make setting up the new one easier? I was thinking of hooking up the old Bud to the reciever and pointing it all the way west and checking the position with a compass. Then, set...
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    Found This Today

    I'm new at this big dish stuff and have been asking alot of questions about the one in my yard. So today I'm driving home and I'm noticing all these houses with buds in the yard and pizza dishes on the roof. I start taking pics and knocking on doors with no success. The last house I stop at has...
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    BUD in my yard

    I have this BUD in my yard that came with the house. I have a VS9000HD FTA reciever. The dish is an 8' tight mesh, the size of a #2 pencil lead. 1 panel is missing. It has a Von Weise actuator. I took the cover off the electronics and it looks new inside. I've been shooting it with WD-40 down...
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    Multiple T.V.'s

    I'm thinking of bringing back to life a BUD that came with the house I bought. Is there a way to hook up 5 or more t.v's to 1 dish and have all t.v.'s on a different channel? A special thanks to XXTORNXX for recomending this site. I've had some good reading.