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    Local DMA for 64772?

    On behalf of my 75-year-old grandmother, I spent some time playing with her D12, setting up a favorites list that only shows Family Pack, getting it optimized for her Panasonic TC-P50X1 plasma, etc. The problem is that up until a few months ago, she was getting locals from Joplin, MO from her...
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    Head Scratcher, 64772

    I just got back from a hunting trip at Grandma's house; Dad got a nice, 180-lb white tail, and I got heartburn. Her zip code is 64772 (Nevada, MO), and she's pretty far out there. Her main goals are KOAM-7 (ch7, 48mi), KFJX-14 (ch13(!), 48mi), and KODE-12 (ch 43, 55mi). It's really...
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    Grandad Needs HD on the Cheap

    I know this has been covered before, in threads 13-pages-plus, but... My parents have Comcast analog cable, for which they pay about $20 per month. Comcast is slowly but surely dropping channels from the analog tiers, which is no great loss, considering the signal quality they're getting at...
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    Which Broadcom SoC?

    Does anyone have a list of the SoC systems that Dish uses in the ViP series receivers? My 722 is a little low on horsepower, and before I replace it with either a 612 (lateral move in my case) or pony up for a 722k+OTA (upgrade for me), I'd like to know that I'm actually stepping up.
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    Cheapskate Samsung Theater

    I'm cheap, and I like Samsung stuff, and I have a small room with an even smaller budget. That said, I'm looking at a Samsung UN46B7100 (LED lit, gray ToC), which has four HDMI inputs and an optical audio output. I have a Dish Network VIP722 DVR, which supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital...
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    Suggestions for Small TV?

    I'm in the market for a 17-21" LCD TV, but I need an on-screen antenna signal strength meter. Has anyone bought or played with any of the $200-ish models that are on the market now?
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    DPP Twin on a 1000.2 Dish

    Is anybody using a DPP Twin LNB on a 1000.2 dish/arm? I know the Y adapter physically fits, and I'm ready to drill the hole. I assume that the elevation settings will be off, but I'm looking for a little more gain. I'm currently using a D500/Twin to split 61.5 and 72 for an Eastern Arc hack...
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    Inelegant Timer, Malfunctioning Timer

    I'm psyched to have Spike back, now that it's HD. I want to record "Power Block" on Saturdays, which is a group of at least four shows, starting at about 10AM. I used to have a manual timer, channel 168, starting at 10 and running to 12:45. This mostly worked, but because Power Block...
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    Preamp vs Distro Amp?

    I live less than 7 miles from the towers, and only own one TV, so it doesn't much apply to me, but I was wondering...What's the difference, electrically and functionally, between a mast mounted preamp, the amp inside a distribution block, and the little 9v power inserter sold with "amplified"...
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    922 + Verizon = Churn?

    I just read a post on EngadgetHD announcing that the Dish 922's evil twin, the T2200S, will indeed be for sale and use with tru2way networks. Verizon FiOS may be transitioning to the same standard. My question is, if you're in a Verizon area, and you like your Dish DVR, would you jump ship...
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    722 DVR + 21.0 Remote = Almost Entirely Awesome

    I talked a CSR into sending me a 21.0 remote for free, and I couldn't possibly be happier with a Harmony. + Setup was mindless. I flipped the remote to IR mode, inserted the key with "1" facing up, got "System Info" from the front panel on the DVR, pressed "Record" on the remote, and that...
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    DIY Eastern Arc Questions

    I've seen posts about people having success getting acceptable signal splitting 61.5W and 72.7W with a D500, and using a wing dish to pick up 77W. I have a pile of dishes, a few LNBs, and some free time on my hands, so I want to try. I'm also handy with metal, so I can extend the focal length...
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    Comparing 61.5W to 129W

    I have seen the links to the channel/TP lists (, but is there an easy way to run a query that reports the difference between two satellites? Or does anybody have a reasonably up-to-date...
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    HOWTO: Diplexers and Backfeeding in 3D

    I'm unemployed, and bored out of my skull. I spent about six hours yesterday with SketchUp drawing out what I would do if I had to view my 722 from an SD TV with nothing but a coaxial input. I've read the manual, seen the PDF files, and it still took me a long time to grasp the topology of...
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    Two DB2s, 90° of Separation

    I'm using a hand-built clone of a DB4 without the reflector inside my attic. It's okay, but doesn't get channel 42, which is about 90° off of "center mass" for the other transmitters. I built a 5-element YAGI for channel 42, and just used a splitter to combine the signals, and it didn't seem...
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    RSS Feed for My Subscriptions

    Is there an easy way to access this page on my phone or with Google Reader? (User CP) Subscribed Threads in Folder: Subscriptions I have subscriptions to the the master forum, which is great for killing time, but sometimes I just want to see and interact with threads I started or have already...
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    DP+ with OTA?

    I'm on a simplification kick, again, and I want to know if it's possible/practical to combine signals from an OTA antenna into my Dish wiring. Currently, I have a single LNB (unsure of it's model) on a wing dish at 129W running into a Dish Pro Plus (110W, 119W), which then runs into my house...
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    Helps to Raise Hell

    Looking at my next bill online, I read: 10 DVR Fee (up from 6) 35 Dish absoluteHD 5 Programming Access Fee 6 DHPP The $4 increase on the DVR fee put me in a sour mood, which worsened the soreness from being left in the cold as FNC and FBN were not added for AbsoluteHD customers. I...
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    ViP-722 Scruples

    #2 on my list of things that I hate about Dish is the soul-crushing disappointment when my 625 (which was a gem) was replaced with an early-production 722 (which is, relatively, a turd). Things my 625 did well include nearly-frame-by-frame stepping in pause and slow-mo, the ability to search...
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    Dish In-House VOD Suggestion

    I'm a Dish customer, and I like the fact that I am. I like Charlie Chat, and I like Tech Forum, and I like listening to the crap that spews from out their mouths when they talk into the camera on Monday nights at 8PM CDST. Why, oh why, do they put it on Monday night during PRIME TIME TV?!? My...