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    Local OTA guide data ? for "movers"

    I moved to my parents today to get NESN. Looking at my account info I still am in the Rochester DMA for my locals, and I still get rochester locals (SD) off the satellite with guide data. However, I no longer get guide data for my OTA locals (HD), they just say digital service. I thought that...
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    East Coast...install question

    I justed moved and Dish installed new equipment on the roof, I am not sure what exactly the second coax line is for. Old Setup: Elliptical Dish(3 sats) + 61.5, 4 lines down to dp44 one coax to 622 New setup Dish for 110 and 119 and dish for 61.5, one pair of coax lines come off of the...
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    Song Remains the Same Shipped Last Night

    So "The Song Remains the Same" has been ordered and unfulfilled in my amazon account for quite some time. I get to work this morning, check my email and guess what it shipped. I was completely surprised. I just hope that it is actually the HD-DVD version. UPS actually has the package so...
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    Still no MLB EI?

    Title says it all. I am assuming the Dish still hasn't made a deal with MLB to carry extra innings?
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    Really Physically Moving...what to expect?

    So sometime in the next 3 months I am physically moving, most likely in the same city, and I am wondering what to expect... Location: Crotchfester NY Dishes: Elliptical Dish (Super?) I think pointed at 3 sats Round Dish at 61.5 I think the switch is a dp44 Vip622--about half way...
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    Sportster 5 = POS?

    I have a sportster 5 which is very noisy. If I turn it on with everything connected or everything disconnected it creates a ton of static on ALL FM frequencies, if I turn it off the static on all FM channels goes away. I want to know if anyone out there has the same issue? Is it a bad design...
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    I think L446 Broke my OTA Audio

    I have a VIP622 hooked up 3 different ways -Analog to TV -HDMI to receiver (what I usually use) -Optical to receiver (used to get Sirius during Wii time) I get what I should get when I am watching a satellite channel (5.1 or 2ch) No audio out of any of the outputs for my OTA stations...
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    Attempting to get a trying to sitck me with soon to be obsolete equipment

    I currently have a leased vip 211 got it 2/1/06 (mpeg4 launch date) so I have well exceeded the 12 month upgrade period. I called customer diservice today and asked what an upgrade to a 622 would cost me. They told be 549 to own. Said I could upgrade to a 942? DVR. I told the guy he was wrong...
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    Local CW station changing hands impact on Dish?

    Allright my local CW station was owned and operated by Time Warner Cable and available only to cable subs is changing hands. Clear channel which owns WHAM (13.1) (abc affialate) bought the local CW station and it will be available as a subchannel (13.2) to WHAM. All of the operations and...
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    Anyone have a gut feel about some big releases before christmas?

    Anyone think that we will see any of the Lord of the Rings movies or Harry Potters before christmas on HD DVD? I know they are long so are they waiting for 3 layer discs or something?
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    potentially stupid question about audio out from HD-A1

    Finally got my HD-A1 yesterday (i think sony pays fedex to screw up hd-dvd deliveries) and have some setup questions. Little preliminary system info...the HD-A1 is connected to my yamaha rxv-2600 through hdmi not the analog 5.1 connections. 1. Do I need to worry about all of the speaker...
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    Quickie A1 audio question

    Is the toshiba player capable of decoding all of the different audio formats that are supported to LPCM5.1 internally for transport over the HDMI port? Also if I am using HDMI for audio can I make the player send DD5.1 and DTS (supported by receiver) in their compressed format and have the...
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    Want to get a or buy?

    I would like to get a 622. I already have a 211 on the 18 month commitment (1 year left). I am assuming I should buy the 622 mainly because I have no intentions on leaving dish network. The cable company is time warner which sucks, and if they added 2 HD channels every month for a year I...
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    622 and 211 HDMI audio users

    Does anyone know if dish has any plans to enable either DD5.1 or 6 channel pcm on the 211? Does the 622 already do this or are you guys stuck with optical for anything better than 2-channel? I want full functionality!!