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    How to send a rehit to your receivers yourself

    Not sure if this was posted previously, but I couldn't find it here & thought this might be helpful for anyone (travelers that take a receiver around, etc.) that might need this, after I found how to do it... I had a receiver that had been out of the stream for almost a month & lost it's...
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    D* & Uverse launching tropical storm Barry channels tomorrow (scowl down article for this info)
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    TERK OTA DVR on sale@Menards this week

    Didn't even know this existed...but I guess for $35 one-time (& an external drive) you can't beat the price, even though it's only a single tuner...
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    DISH is back with (west) distant networks

    Did anyone else notice back on 7/6, where they added the big 4 LA (HD) nets on a CONUS transponder on 119? This appears to be the reason: (FYI, the form on this link IS dated 2017) DISH® Distant Network Service | Local Channels On The Go | DISH Outdoors
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    reset dish 40.0 remote back to factory defaults

    Is there such a way to do this...I've looked & googled all over & can't find anyway to do this (I know you can with the white D* remotes...)
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    DISH is dumping Chiller on 2/1

    FYI...just saw this on my latest bill
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    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in base packages now?

    (Thought I'd ask this here after what happened with a client tonight...I put the main question here first...then what led up to this below it... ;) ) Since it's ONLY in HD, I'm sure you still have to have HD Access on your account...but thought I would post it here, so that other subs here...
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    Can NO longer record any SiriusXM channels

    Tried doing a recording on 80's on 8 this AM, to be greeted with "The requested recording is not allowed for this event". It's doing this on all my Ho's...can someone with a non-Ho DVR &/or 211 w/external HDD, try recording anything on these channels? Also, while it appears the "workaround" for...
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    Laff TV to totally replace BlueHighways TV on 3/21

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but this info is now up on BHTV's webpage! Hope it's still going to remain on E*... :)
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    somebody need to kick the uplink computer???

    Other site has had several uplink reports in the past few days...
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    Al Jazeera America shutting down

    Since this was also posted on the E* forum...& after it just got added in HD:
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    Logo feed is actually in HD now

    as of yesterday (credit to mario315 from his post at avsforum) And confirmed it myself. So at least E* is NO longer (insanely) wasting HD bandwidth on (2) non-existent HD channels! (reminder that Centric went "true HD" last week as well)
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    Aspire HD is live on ch 381

    Since nobody else has posted in this forum (where it really matters) Aspire HD (only) is live on ch 381. While I'm assuming Aspire does (now) has an actual HD feed, (& D* isn't doing an "HD upconversion" a la E* ) & while it's coming in as a...
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    Is anyone else's clock off?

    OK, when I first got the Hopper, the clock was already very accurate; I never had issues with recordings starting late & never gave it a thought. (& hence, I never padded start times on normal, daily shows, especially if you are doing back-to-back shows) But as of the last few months, the...
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    Sling TV Subject To Content Restrictions

    Some Shows On A&E, LMN Saddled by Digital Rights Issues - See more at:
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    Report: DirecTV plan to go all-HD ahead of schedule NOW, before you say anything, look where (I can't believe) they linked this info from: :rolleyes: I'll let everyone else draw their own conclusions; I'll...
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    Prog recordings from a thin client, with a mixed Genie/regular DVR's setup

    OK, I remember that on an H2x series (non-DVR) receiver, when you went to the guide to set a recording & you have multiple DVR's w/WHD, it would prompt you to select which DVR you wanted that show to record on. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to try this with the thin clients...
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    JLTV ch 366 is moving from 119 to Ka

    Not earth shattering news, but saw this notice on ch 366-1, that it's moving to Ka & will require MPEG4 receivers/dishes now. (I'm sure it is only moving to Ka & is NOT going to be put up in HD...)
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    proper way to disconnect/reconnect an external hard drive

    Probably a silly question & tried searching here, but since I'm not really an IT guru, I want to avoid doing something that could cause my external HDD to get corrupted... Getting upgraded to 2 Hoppers (1 w/sling) & 2 Joey's tomorrow, & am moving shows off my 722k's to a WD Element, which has...
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    more than 2 Hoppers on an account

    Simple question, will E* allow you to put more than 2 (purchased) Hopper receivers on an account - since obviously they will NOT let you put any other receivers than one 211k on??? I am only asking from a billing/policy standpoint; I understand technically that the 3 would NOT all be able to...