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    Is there any way to lock the settings of H/HR24 equipment?

    I would like to know if there is a way to prevent the settings from being changed, and DVR shows from being deleted (besides ripping out the MENU, and LIST buttons out of the remote). Thanks
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    Connecting hr24/h24 equipment to the internet

    I have a h24, hr24 DVR, and a standard receiver setup that I would like to connect to the Internet. I have internet, and a wired router- the router is 5 feet away from the H24 receiver. This setup haswhole house DVR/MRV. The directv site says that I need to have an installer come out to hook it...
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    Difference between the "RC65X" and "RC65" remotes?

    Well title says it all. What is the difference between the "RC65X" and "RC65" remotes?