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    New customer - AM21 ordering issue

    I called today to order DirecTV service after having Dish for close to 10 years. After the BTN/Dish issues, I'd had enough. With the haphazard phone call into DirecTV to get service and not knowing what they offered and what they didn't, I realized I wasn't able to get HD locals yet...
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    TurboHD and SD Locals

    I wanted to switch to TurboHD and still get my SD locals for programming guide data, but the CSR said since HD locals werent available in my market, I couldn't get ANY locals with the TurboHD package. WTF?!
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    Finally got my 722 installed

    After the big screwup on the CSRs end, the local installer finally got a 722 in for me yesterday and stopped by late in the afternoon. The installer was a great guy and VERY easy to work with. So far, I am really impressed by the interface on the 722 compared with my crappy motorola cable...
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    Install question

    I'm getting E* installed this wednesday after not having it for about a year. Previously I had a single 811 and I'll be going to a single 722. I left the cable and bracket installed from before in case I went back. Since the 722 is a dual tuner, I'm assuming they'll need to remove the old...
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    Discovery HD

    Is there a regular Discovery channel HD as well as Discovery HD Theatre on E*? I am switching back after about a year on cable and can't seem to figure it out for sure.
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    Want to purchase my 811, what to do?

    I'm a newb at most of this HD stuff. I got Dish about a month and half ago so that I could get some relatively cheap HD channels and use their 811 for OTA channels. I already get a great deal on cable so I've kept that and its run through my tivo currently. I want to dump all the Dish SD...