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    good 7 port usb hub?

    Anyone know a good 7 port usb hub? One that will pass through 5 powered EHDs, mostly usb 2.0, at a good speed when transferring shows to or from a Hopper 2? I guess it would need on/off switches at each port and I don't know if the hub would need to be powered or not in order to get a decent...
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    Superbowl skip _to_ commercials?

    Does anyone know if Dish is going to have the skip over the superbowl game to commercials this year? I will be watching the game but others might want to just see the commercials
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    computer tech support?

    Does anyone know a good, reputable computer tech support company? One that you can call and if necessary they can remotely take over your computer. Monthly or yearly coverage. Preferably one in the U.S.
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    1080p VOD ?

    I am ordering a VOD that on the on-screen-guide says is 1080p online. On the online order page it says the video format is HD in a grey box. Should it say 1080p for the video format?
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    ? Timers for cancelled channels

    If I cancel the premium movie channels will the timers I have set up for series on those channels be removed automatically or will they stay on the hopper in case I resubscribe to those channels when the series come back on? If thery are removed, would I be able to put them back on with the...
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    ? Watch shows on EHD after unsubscribing channels

    Will I be able to watch premium channels movies recorded while subscribed to them and put on an External Hard Drive if I unsubscribe from the channels? They are not movies recorded from free previews, they were recorded while subscribed to the channels.
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    ? Best HD DVR available from SoCal Charter

    For Southern California area Charter: Anyone know what the best HD DVR with the most recording capacity is? And how much capacity is avaiilable?
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    hopper transfers app?

    If we put the hopper transfers app on an Ipad in the room where our modem/gateway is can we make transfers to that Ipad from a hopper with sling that has a wired ethernet connection in a room that has no wireless signal?
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    Transfer timer list from 722 to HWS?

    Is it possible to transfer my timer list from a 722 to a HWS using a 21.0 remote? Saw someone ask about a 622 (not possible) so thought I would ask about my 722. Seems to me I remember reading it was only possible with a 722k but not sure.
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    ?Basic cable + tivo + vcr/dvd recorder?

    Would someone need a vcr/dvd recorder with a tuner if they have basic cable with a tivo unit or could they use one without a tuner?
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    Shannon L. Campain email address?

    Does anyone know Shannon L. Campain's email address or while I'm asking, a phone number for her at Directv. If so, could you please PM me with it? Thanks in advance! Gary
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    Any blue ray s550 compatible toslink switches?

    I bought a three input to one ouput toslink or optical audio switch, from, which in the past I just had my dishnetwork and directv receivers connected to going to my one input surround sound system. Both those optical audio connections have worked fine. I now have a sony...
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    Is the ceo@echostar address still good for contacting them about DishNetwork account issues since they have split?
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    swm work with an hr-20?

    Will a slimline 3 dish with swm work with an hr-20 running single cable?
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    Attic wall fishes & stud spacers?

    We are going to be moving to a new home. I was thinking it might be best to have the cables fished through the walls. Definitely don't want holes in the hardwood flooring. It's a one story house with both an attic and a crawlspace for all but one room which I think is just on a slab...
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    Cancel manual timer? On HR20-700

    Can anyone tell me how to cancel a manual timer I have set up for _daily_ recording at 9:01 pm lasting three hours for Big Brother After Dark when it was on. It now records whatever is on at that time on channel 538 SHO2HD. This is on an HR20-700.
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    HR20-700, vista, windos media player sharing?

    I have the HR20-700, my laptop computer working wirelessly with modem has vista, and I decided to try to set up sharing through my windows media player 11 since yesterday after the software update there was a window popup on my computer that said to set up sharing click here or something like...
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    Possible to change tuners on HR-20?

    Is it possible to switch from one tuner to the other on the HR-20 while viewing Directv?
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    $1600+$5 shipping Olevia 1080p 252TFHD 2 Series 52” LCD TV

    At Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM) Olevia 252TFHD 2 Series 52” 1080p LCD TV $1599.99 + $5 shipping From a quick internet search it seems like a good price but I don't know about the quality.
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    Any MPEG 4 channel list?

    Are either or both channel 95HD and 652 FSWHD MPEG 4? They are both showing the Lakers game right now. Also, is there a list of which channels are MPEG 4 anywhere? I tried doing a search and the best I could find was that channels 70 through the 90s are MPEG 2, I think. So that means...