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    Searching Newegg for DVB-S2 and got a hit for DBPOWER USB DVR. Anyone know about the quality of these? Searched forums but found nothing.
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    Better Choice Cband LNBF or LNB

    Subscribed to X4 4DTV I have in use the LNBF - C2 - GEOSATpro C-BAND DUAL OUTPUT 60-70% quality on 6' Fortec solid. Picked up with a dish a Chapparal (co rotator?) with Eagle Aspen Turbo 120 C-band lnb gain 67 db Noise (degree K) 25. Should I switch to the Chapparal/Eagle Aspen and...
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    Channel Master 120 Elevation help

    I finally got time to install a past dish find. I downloaded the installation pdf for the dish and they discuss Longitude and Delta L difference of Satellite Longitude. Looking at the grid, if I'm looking at it right, a stationary dish for 39.6 has an elevation of 75 degrees. Is this...
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    Angle Calculation

    I did the angle calculation for Cband prime C only and also KU only both came back with same elevations. Is that correct? I want to hit G1 to do a master reset on 4DTV to sub on W5 (not selectable hence the master reset). 6' solid 1.8, old style circular mount from sadoun (not the...
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    Channel Master 1.2 M orphan

    I want my minibud bad! My Boston Market closed about a year ago. Leaving a large dish taunting me from the roof. A visit to Lowe's today brought to my attention the dish was in the dumpster all alone. I took only the dish, arms and lnb. I'll rig a pole here. Channel Master 1.2 dish...
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    One pole mount through roof insane?

    Due to a recent roofing job and growth of neighbors trees I'm in for a complete remount and reaim. I need more height to clear the trees for western arc for 123 and beyond. Planning on going right near the peak and I'm strongly considering mounting straight pipe through the roof. I guess the...
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    Help re-aiming Ike smacked me like Tina

    To keep from loosing my stuff during Ike's visit to Ohio I pulled dish off of motor. Replaced as well as I could using old marks but the system was already out of whack before I disassembled it. Latitude: 39.6 N Longitude: 84.1 W Stab HH120 Fortec Star 100 CM Visionsat IV 200 PVR...
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    Uverse worth it?

    Uverse available. But I love my two Tivos. Anything for Uverse similar to the tivo to go? Is it worth the hassle? What is exactly the installation process going from phone box to coax and network?
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    $4 CalAmp DirecTV

    I got almost everything Pole, Mount, Dish, Main LNB and side lnb mount bracket. But I did not get the additional side LNB. $4... I said to myself, I paid about $45 for the pole alone for my FTA Dish mount. Sold! NOW... Did I save my life by avoiding a Number 2 Value meal and wasted it...
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    Arthur C Clark Show

    The Man Who Saw the Future: Arthur C Clark. 4/6/2008 7 PM EST Ovation TV 274 on DirecTV
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    Samsung DSR 2800 c/i

    Anyone know anything about this box? I got one to get it so they wouldn't throw it away. Power and menus work from buttons on front (No remote). DVB box that has s-video out and even what appears to be wire pinching connections to drive perhaps a large dish. Edit: Silly me, I forgot all...
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    Cheap TwinHan ATSC $30

    Hopefully its a good card. Love the 102g so... Well it's only 29.99 anyway. TwinhanDTV ATSC (D+A) PCI Smart TV Tuner TwinhanDTV 32500 32500
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    DCT100 Reset

    I found a DCT100 at Goodwill, researched and saw it would do OTA HD so I bought it. I do not intend to use for HD on DirecTV as I am ok with SD DTivo. I got one scan in and found HD and analog channels. Moved out of my testing area to a more permanent location and using same antenna now can...
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    KUEN SciFi Friday Movies

    I keep forgetting these... Hopefully this will help others remember as well. ______________________________________________________________ The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy View on UEN-TV Friday, May 25 at 9:00pm. Modern science meets ancient superstition as greed consumes local...
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    South Carolina Auction ends in 6 hours

    Grab this quick somebody. govdeals dot com/eas/itmDisplay.cfm?itemID=259&acctID=204
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    What is a DSR Companion Box?

    You are bidding on a brand new DSR Companion Box Receive System. Specifications: Voltage; 85 to 264 VAC Frequency: 47-440 Hz Power: 15 Watts RF Frequency: 950 to 1550 MHz Signal level: - 65 to - 25 dBm Impedance: 75 Ohm Noise Figure: 9dB Insertion gain: 0 dB...
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    UEN SciFi Friday Podcast

    Found this through recent purchase of Creative Zen. Link to a podcast from UEN.
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    X-4 Ku Package on 4DTV

    Is anyone doing this? Is it possible to subscribe to these using only a KU dish? Or... Short of mounting that BUD, are there other KU packages requiring multiple satellites that don't require BUD? Thanks
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    CBS Affliliates? NCAA distants

    Does anyone have a quick list of CBS affliliates broadcast on specific satellites? If we can't catch the uplinks from the site, maybe we can get them from the locals. Thanks
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    36" dish for directv?

    Currently have the 3 lnb, spare 36" dish, and snow beyond belief. Can I slap the 3 lnb on the larger dish to avoid snow/rain fade? OR... Should I just go read a book?