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    Page Up/Down in Guide and others does not do a whole page!

    So when I do a page up or down, it leaves a row of old data. Not too annoying in the guide but on the "metro" screens, where there are only three rows to beging with, why does it not give a complete new page?? A setting somewhere? Thanks!
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    FREE On Demand movie search returns PAY movies. Also "Subscription" shows.

    Movies that are NOT Free keep coming up in my searches when I select "free movies" or when I filter them. "American Beauty" is an example, please try this search yourself. Is there a way to "Master" set it to filter out the pay movies. Also I keep getting hits on channels I don't get, but...
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    Re-naming two Hoppers, where? Not re-naming the remote.

    We have two Hoppers, called "Livingroom 1" and "Bedroom 1", I cannot find where to rename them! ? (I did find how to rename the remote, but I don't know what that really is for) Thanks!
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    Known free on Demand movies don't show up in "Search"

    We have WiFi set up and I can stream HBO movies "On Demand" just fine. However, when I hit the "search" button, find a movie, then pulldown the blue (I think) tab and select "On Demand" it say no matches found. And this is for titles *I know* are on the On Demand list. Am I doing something...
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    How to set up recordings on second Hopper from Main Hopper?

    I have two Hoppers, I can see and watch recordings on the second Hopper, but how do I set up recordings on it from the Main Hopper? IE it is in a rental room and I can't just waltz in there. Thanks! Keith