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  1. Lkr

    fox sports go

    Is this anything we'll ever see from D*? Still don't have watchespn and the lack of being able to watch live sports online is really starting to upset me. It is great that I get more sports channels than the other providers at a better price, but being able to access them online like the rest...
  2. Lkr

    fox soccer suddenly available??

    I don't pay for the sports pack and never have. All of a sudden I started receiving Fox Soccer however. Is this on a free trial that I didn't get an alert message for? The channel is being killed off in August so I am wondering if D* is just giving it to us now since it has no value
  3. Lkr

    Local channel issue

    So my locals keep cutting out and I'm trying to watch football with the family. I tried calling but apparently d* doesn't even have the indian call centers open today. Is there anything I can do? I was hoping to get the national feed or something just so I can watch these games today Edit...
  4. Lkr

    AMC Audio

    Trying to watch breaking bad. anyone else having a problem?
  5. Lkr

    friend of mine is trying to get D*..question about dish store

    if my friend orders through dish store, is he still able to get the refer a friend discount and the AAA discount?
  6. Lkr

    directv on demand vs cable

    so i always hear people talking about how great on demand is. i finally can access it on D*, but I don't understand the hype surrounding it. do my friends with cable get a much better experience? i know they can watch "instantly"(although with my internet connection there isn't a big delay...
  7. Lkr

    MRV problems

    the installer didn't hook up a DECA to my HR22 and I can't access that DVR. he insisted that the HR22 does not need a DECA since it is an HD DVR. I have the broadband converter in the room with the HR24, and every receiver can communicate with the HR24. not sure what the problem is, and...
  8. Lkr

    i think the installer tried to call today...

    so no one was home today, and i got home and checked the call log, and two of my missed calls were "toll free number"s. i googled both numbers out of curiosity since they were the same number, and it was a directv number. now i'm not sure if this was the actual guy they're sending to my house...
  9. Lkr

    walk me through this...

    so I've been with D* for 3 years, happy with the service. I pay about $136 after taxes for 3 SD receivers, 2 HD receivers, and an HR22 DVR. I do not have whole home DVR. I am interested in that and in getting a better DVR since the HR22 is pretty awful. will it be CSR roulette to get a deal...
  10. Lkr

    DirecTiVo launched since the last time I was here

    How did it turn out? The HR34 looks like it is superior in just about every way, so I was wondering which to get.
  11. Lkr

    hey penn state...shut up!

    i know there is a penn state thread but I don't want to ruin any conversation in there with my rant. with the hiring of O'Brien, there have been reports of people unhappy with the hiring, particularly a club of former players. they are saying that he is not part of the penn state tradition and...
  12. Lkr

    Sunday Ticket to Go - Week 2

    the video quality bar is stuck at the lowest bar when I have plenty of bandwidth not being used. this is really getting unacceptable, its almost unwatchable. there are better streams on the internet that don't cost money:rant:
  13. Lkr

    Sunday Ticket To Go

    its really bad right now, can't even buffer some of it. . is it working well for you guys?
  14. Lkr

    foreign news channels on D*

    I know D* doesn't offer AJE, but is it possible to get any BBC channels(not BBCA) through D*, or is that not available either?
  15. Lkr

    MLB's top 20 games on MLB network

    so I really haven't caught many of these, does anyone know which games they've included so far in this countdown? i can't find a list
  16. Lkr

    error code 771

    I can't watch anything. it says there is a problem communicating with the satellite. of course if I want this fixed, I have to pay D* $50 because their hardware failed:rolleyes:. As crappy as Comcast is, at least they don't make me pay $50 everytime their damn hardware doesn't work. So, what...
  17. Lkr

    access OTA channels when satellite can't be accessed

    my satellite is having issues and won't connect for some reason. is there anyway to bypass the satellite search so I can use my OTA tuner in peace? I'd like to at least watch SOME TV today.
  18. Lkr

    holiday party message at top

    just wondering if its just me or is it still up there for everyone else. gave me the false impression that I hadn't missed out on it(when I actually did)
  19. Lkr

    Rich Rod fired!

    Rich Rodriguez fired by Michigan Wolverines, report says - ESPN
  20. Lkr

    will ST have the giants vs vikings on monday night?

    The Giants vs Vikings game has been moved to Monday Night due to weather issues. The game will be broadcasted to the local markets through Fox Sports. Will those of us with ST get shafted, or will we still get the game?