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  1. TechWriter

    Hopper 3 Self-Activation

    I know DISH insists on doing initial Hopper 3 installs, but is it possible to buy a Hopper 3, wire it up, and install it yourself?
  2. TechWriter

    Getting Eastern Arc on a Hybrid Western Arc - What???

    Please explain what's going on in the Hopper 3 "Test Installation" screen:
  3. TechWriter

    Getting Two Hopper 3s

    Recommended course of action . . . (1) Contact DISH directly (2) Go through a local sat TV installer (3) DIRT member (4) You can't have two Hopper 3s
  4. TechWriter

    Wally 2-tuner Mode

    Is this a thing?
  5. TechWriter

    Anyone Have Two Hopper 3s on a DPH42 Switch?

    Also just using a single dish. Anyone? Buehler?
  6. TechWriter

    Is DISH Retiring the 722?

    A 722 user on another forum said they got a letter from DISH saying they want to "replace one or more of your receivers, adjust your satellite dish, or do both. As we continue to upgrade technology, it is required at times that we make adjustments to your equipment to ensure a better TV...
  7. TechWriter

    Every 8 Minutes -- "Lost Broadband Connection 1305"

    I suppose I should be happy that I have a very pedictable Joey 2.0 error, but resetting the Joey (or my Hopper) every 8 minutes is a PITA. Unless a miracle cure occurs soon, I just call DISH tomorrow.
  8. TechWriter

    Using a Hopper 3 with a Winegard Travler

    From my testing, a modified Winegard Travler SK-1000 with work with a Hopper 3 (and Joey 2.0s). Good news for RVers who want to use this beast in their camper. It's all about Port 1 . . .
  9. TechWriter

    DPP44 & Eastern Arc Sats

    The latest (2013) DPP44 switch manual recommends that sats 72.7 and 77 should be connected to the TO DISH PORT 4. BTW, the manual says 61.5 along with 110, 119, and 129 can connect to any of the DPP44 ports. I knew 118.7 was supposed to connect to Port 4, but why the two Eastern Arc sats? What...
  10. TechWriter

    DISH 1000+ and 3 Hoppers

    Will both of these installation diagrams work? Or just the one with two DPP44s?
  11. TechWriter

    6 Hoppers?

    Assuming DISH would let you have 6 Hoppers on one account, would this work as a single Hopper network? And if it did work, could you just keep adding more DP44s and more Hoppers?
  12. TechWriter

    4 Hoppers - Is DISH 1000+ the only single-dish option?

    If you want 4 Hoppers connected to a single dish (w/o wing dishes), is the 1000+ (110, 118.7, 119, 129) the only option?
  13. TechWriter

    Can't Get LA Locals in HD

    Just set up a Western Arc 1000.4, did a Check Switch, and all sats show up ok (110, 119, 129). When I check signal strengths on various channels, I get 110 & 119 @ about 60, and 129 @ about 45. The LA locals are on 129 transponder 4. When I try this transponder, no signal on 129. However, when...
  14. TechWriter

    Hopper with Sling Data Usage

    My Hopper w/Sling, Mac computer, iPhone, and iPad are all connected to a Verizon wireless WiFi hotspot. Since my Verizon data plan is limited I have to watch how much data I use. So for the following scenarios, am I using up any of my Verizon data? Watching Hopper programming on an iPad or...
  15. TechWriter

    DirecTV Local Channels

    If you have DirecTV in an RV, when you move to a different location, can you call DirecTV and have them enable reception for the TV stations that are nearby?
  16. TechWriter

    UV-Resistant 3 GHz RG-6 Coax

    Looking for recommendations for 3 GHz RG-6 coax that is UV protected for outdoor use.
  17. TechWriter

    Swapping a Joey for a Hopper

    I currently have a Hopper and two Joeys. I want to add a second Hopper by replacing one of my Joeys. Is it as simple as just swapping a Joey for the new Hopper?
  18. TechWriter

    3 Hopper Network with 1 "Part Time Hopper -- Will this Work?

    I created this 3 Hopper, 7 Joey network for someone who wants a single network for all this stuff. However, 1 Hopper & 1 Joey will be in an RV that will occasionally be connected to the house network (2 Hoppers & 6 Joeys). I think the network diagram I created is ok, but I wonder about the...
  19. TechWriter

    DISH TV Network Diagrams for RVs

    I just finished creating a number of networking diagrams intended for RV installs, but could use the gurus here to check them for accuracy. Basically, the diagrams are house networks adapted to the RV world.
  20. TechWriter

    Two Hoppers Off Duo Node

    What's the diff if you connect two Hoppers directly to the DPX outputs of a Duo Node than if you connect two Hoppers via an Isolator to the DPX outputs of a Duo Node?