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    What did i fi d , woohoo

    Ok. So how can i look up or check a tp. Search all sat charts, sat logs, fta sites, even googled to tp numbers. I am DEFINITELY on 121w. I get, tuned to orbital 121 on 1 channel. But i found 103 chls. Soo<oo how can i look up the t. P.
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    103 ,99.2 105 w

    Not sure on this one, but 103w on ac33" i get nbc feeds, and on 99.2 105w via a 36" nothing... And is velocity gone?
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    Transponder help

    Question, on freesat v7 fta only... Can i manually input the tp. On 103 i get most of nbc but missing some.
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    [Digiwave] Transponder help

    Ok need education again, so i know in ku tp's h is horizon ,v vertical.... But ir L left rotation, and R right rotation aka circular lnb? Second picking up a 8 ft er c band for $20, can i add a c/ku lnb? Or switch to one.
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    Current sat chart?

    Ok, i up and running. But i was using lyngsat as ch. Reference.. And lyngsat list must not be current. So. Any curfent reference list? Or what birds have fta eng. I hopped on 125w and a fewof the listed ch were good but. I. E. No nbc feeds no pbs. But rest ok. I did find a velocity...
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    Free sat v7 questions

    I played with FTA about 10 yrs ago. Decided to play again. I bought a free sat v7 , universal LNB, 33" dish. Compass set to 179° ( 97w ish) for now. Now the questions, I lock to tp's for 95w,99w,97w,93w on single LNB.... Wth? And all are $$..except 4 channels. These 4 clear have no picture nor...