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  1. rspainhower

    Can't set timer for San Francisco ABC affiliate

    I also have the same issue and it is present on ABC only. Also it seemed to take up and additional tuner the other night. We had a conflict and in the conflict screen it showed the ABC channel as part of the conflict, it would only let us record one additional show besides the ptat. There...
  2. rspainhower

    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    Jonathan look at post #314 this is what i did
  3. rspainhower

    Suggestions for 2 HD tv package

    or you can use something like this:For only $28.56 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 1X2 Powered HDMI Splitter (HSP-102M) | HDMI Active/Powered Splitters and have HDMI to both sets
  4. rspainhower

    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    credits Has anyone seen the promised credits yet? I have not. Today I see: Dish America $34.99 HD Solo DVR Receiver $10.00 DVR Service $6.00 HD Platinum $10.00 Starz - Free 12 Mo $0.00 ................. Total $60.99 (excludes taxes / credits) I was promised Free HD Platinum...
  5. rspainhower

    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    So I called the number on the Letter and did as murrr77 suggested and said "Cancel Service" in the automated voice system(I will be using this whenever I have to call dish, which I haven't had to do for almost 2 years now). I was sent directly to the Retention department and was able to get...
  6. rspainhower

    HMDI and Sharp Aquos

    I have a samsung LN32A450 with a 722 and the picture is crisp and beautiful. Even better than other 1080p sets with blu-ray.:)
  7. rspainhower

    Expected VIP 722

    The first CSR told me that there is a new Federal Mandate that Recordings on DVR's will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. I think she was full of crap. Anybody heard of that?
  8. rspainhower

    Expected VIP 722

    I called and fought with the first CSR. Then got transfered to a Supervisor. She got me the 722 for the $25 extra it would have been in the first place.
  9. rspainhower

    Expected VIP 722

    I had HD install done Sunday and was told by the CSR i would be getting a 722 for $100. I payed the $100 but the installer put a 622 in. Should I call Dish and try to get the 722 for $25 more or should I keep the 622?
  10. rspainhower

    antenna recommendation

    anyone? No outside antenna!! Inside Choices: Winegard ss3000 Phillips Silver Sensor PHDTV1 or PHDTV3 Phillips ManT510
  11. rspainhower

    antenna recommendation

    I am a newbie to OTA. I just bought a Samsung LNT3242H 32" LCD. I want to get an antenna for OTA. I live in Magna, UT. I was thinking the Winegard ss3000. thoughts? My scan shows this: The bold text is the miles from my home. The underlined ones our the digital stations...
  12. rspainhower

    510DVR Favorites Problem

    I have a 510 with the P304 release and do not have that problem. Have you tried to unplug it and take the card out for 10 minutes then bring it back up again.
  13. rspainhower

    Better to buy or lease

    So if I am leasing a 510 and buy a 501 will I pay $5 lease fee for the 510 AND a $5 addtn receiver fee for 501? Is there anyway to make the 501 the primary reciever and save $5?
  14. rspainhower

    looking for a 501

    Looking for a 501 for sale at a reasonable price!!! What happened to the 501's on
  15. rspainhower

    being able to choose location in room

    I am finishing my basement and would like to set it up so I have plates in four different locations so that I can move the room around anytime and not have to open up the walls. Can I use a switch or something to split the line between four cables? Only one plate will be used at any given...
  16. rspainhower

    522 UHF Remotes

    I would buy it off of ebay. I got mine for $8 and it is $50 from dish. Works Great.
  17. rspainhower

    DVR Install Question...

    The Question is not what lnb will support a dual tuner receiver. The Question is it possible to run a dual tuner receiver off of 1 coax cable through a switch. Because he doesn't want to fish new lines through walls. correct?
  18. rspainhower

    To Buy Or Not To Buy Dish DVR 510

    If you are going to purchase I would go with the 501 or 508 as they are cheaper and no DVR fee. do you really need 100 hours of programming? I have a leased 510 and only have about 20 hours used at any given time.
  19. rspainhower

    additional receiver fee

    then If the lease fee and additional receiver fee are the same. If I had my 311 as the primary and 510 as the second receiver would I only have to pay for one?
  20. rspainhower

    additional receiver fee

    Or was it that the lease fee and additional receiver fee would not both be charged? I am leasing my 510.