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  1. Jeff003

    I have a question on the 722 hd dvr receiver from dish how many jacks does it have on the back?

    So I finally decided to upgrade to Hd and their going to be coming out and installing a new satellite dish and giving me the HD 722 dvr. Question How many jacks does this dvr have on the back? Can I hook up a dvd player and playstation 3 to it?
  2. Jeff003

    Dish Holiday Channel Is On Now

    Just to let everyone know 982 is up now.Now you have your pick of two Christmas Channels.982 and 6081 Holly sirius/xm.
  3. Jeff003

    How will dish handle the merger between sirius and xm?

    Do you think will be hearing xm channels on dish?Since the two are merged the name is now siriusxm.I haven't caught the Charlie Chat in a while have they said anything about this?
  4. Jeff003

    Question on the dvr 510

    Ever since they've updated that dvr once you set it up to record something it records the same show everytime they come on even after it's been unplugged.How do you unset it?When I try to set it up to record new shows it won't record because it still wants to record the other shows.I hope I'm...
  5. Jeff003

    My Dvr 510 erased all my shows

    I had 50 hours left on my harddrive and everything was gone when I cut it on.I had everything protected.When I went to the harddrive to play one of my saved shows it was blank and there is over 100 hours left.What happened?
  6. Jeff003

    Holiday Channel Is On Now

    982 is currently on.I've been listening to it this afternoon.
  7. Jeff003

    Holly back by popular demand November 1st on Xm

    Holly Returns November 1st by popular demand - XM 103 - Holly - 46 - Female - WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON DC -
  8. Jeff003

    My 510 dvr missed the name based recording update

    It's been unplugged for a couple of weeks.Is it too late for me to get this update>?
  9. Jeff003

    So what is the big thing that is suppose to happen today?

    On the main page it says something big is suppose to happen today on the tick tock subject.Anybody want to guess what this could be?Maybe local on the 8s,new hd channels.
  10. Jeff003

    Any possible date yet for local on the 8's?

    Sorry for posting a new topic about this thread but when I search it it won't find it.There must be a glitch or something anyway Scott have you heard a possible release for this?It will soon be September surly they plan on implementing this soon.Also I don't think this will be like the channel...
  11. Jeff003

    Weather Channel Going Hd Next Year?

    I was watching and I could have sworn I heard them say they was going Hd next year.Has anyone else heard this.I hope this doesn't happen unless they have a seperate hd channel because I still don't have hd.I still have a SD television and receiver.I guess I will be have to upgrade in 2009.That's...
  12. Jeff003

    Xm Getting New Microchannels

    Uncle Sam Channel July 3rd 6am to July 5th 3am channel 120 Patriotic Music Channel.Patriotic music from all gendres. Earth Sounds July 7th-9th Channel 39 A sounds of nature channel with ocean waves,waterfalls,streams,thunderstorms etc.
  13. Jeff003

    Dmx buys out Muzak What does it mean for dishnetwork customers?

    My fear is that they will now charge for these channels and the music won't be as good.This has been confirmed I read about it on the internet.I'll see if I can find the link.
  14. Jeff003

    Local On The 8"s Coming Soon!

    I found this at dbs talk.The link mentions that this may be as early as March.
  15. Jeff003

    Ps3 version of Spiderman 3 to let you play as the new goblin

    This will only be exclusive to the ps3.
  16. Jeff003

    More glitches with the interactive weather channel

    Both my 301 and 510 are losing their settings on the interactive weather channel on 100.I can't store favorites anymore and when I go to it it's like it's loading for the first time where it has to search for your zipcode.The same thing is happening to my fathers 301s so I don't think this is a...
  17. Jeff003

    Interactive weather keeps loading on 214 even when I'm not on channel 100

    This started happening when I exited the interactive channel.I cut my receiver off and cut it back on.Same thing when it's on channel 214 it happens again.I have a 301.Also I can change the channel and still when I put it back on 214 it does it again.
  18. Jeff003

    Escape going all Christmas

    They are suppose to start sometimes on Christmas Eve and go till December 26th.This is where you will hear beautiful christmas music by the Living Strings,Percy Faith,Buckingham Strings,Jackie Gleason,Johnny Douglas and so many more.The change may take place at Midnight tonight if not sometimes...
  19. Jeff003

    Holly now extended till January 1st on xm

    I read about it on xmfan and hope this is a tradition every year. Also I meant thru January 1st..
  20. Jeff003

    How likely is the 360 to develop freezing problems?

    I just bought one but was reading on and amazon that a lot of them develop freezing problems in as little as 6 months and have to be repaired.I hope this isn't in a lot of units.I hate to think I will have to send it off and wait to get it back even thou I have a warrenty on...