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    Openbox Openbox V8 Combo/Pro 1 Dec 2015 restart fault

    Hi all The Openbox V8 pro and Combo have a fault. They restart when you change channel. This started at 0:00am 1 Dec 2015 GMT. FIX 1: Temporary Change the Time settings from "GMT" to "User" and then change the Month from 12 to 10. This stops the restarts but there is no EPG as there is none...
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    Please explain?

    Can someone please explain where the thread I started about Intelsat18 has gone and why I now do not have permission to access that page.Owen
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    What are the rules?

    Hi Can you point me toward the rules for posting please. I tried to post twice now and the first time I was told I had too many url links, I had Two. It then vanished along with my time typing it. The next post just seems to have vanished. Owen I hope this one works.