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    Signal Quality is now Signal Margin?

    I was rescanning for locals after the repack here. I then checked the satellite signal. Signal Strength hasn’t changed, but instead of “Quality”, it now says “Margin” on the bottom bar. It was 99, and now it’s 75. Is this signal-to-noise ratio?
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    Did Another Self Install

    I set up a system at my mother-in-law’s house. She saw my setup and had been bugging me about it. She only watches a few channels and has been paying over $100/month for DirecTV. She got two receivers from Best Buy, and I got her a 76cm dish with a 2300 MHz splitter and diplexer from Amazon. I...
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    Nick Jr. Compression

    One of my kids watches Nick Jr. during the day. Sometimes, it will break up every few seconds. I think the compression is too high. Eventually, it’ll reset and look good again. My SS is 99, and SQ is 85, so I don’t think that’s it. No other channels do it.
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    33” FTA Dish for Orby?

    I recently found out about Orby, and have been thinking about getting it. I then found a 33”x30” Winegard dish with LNB lying next to a dumpster! I would just need a pole, coax and the receiver, right? I’ve already set the azimuth, elevation, and skew. I found a gap in the trees that should work.