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    OTA dongle issue

    I have both of the ota dual dongles (dish & air tv) I can be watching an ota channel & suddenly the loss of signal box pops up The picture disappears for a few seconds & then comes right back Is this a sign of the dongle over heating or something else?
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    Wireless Joey?

    how many wireless joey's can be used with dish's WAC?
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    HWS & smart tv connection?

    Other than a wireless Joey, what is the simplest and most dependable way to connect a smart tv to HWS. TV will be located in sun room I already have a wireless joey that connects the kitchen tv, that works pretty well
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    Hws, you tube?

    Have hws and 4k tv When I view you tube 4k via hws app, do I get 4k, OR do I need the h3
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    Snap ?

    finally bought a couple of these to install on my H2 w/sling after installing on the 1st unit, the guide speed was very fast when I installed on the 2nd unit, it wasn't nearly as fast, faster than it was, but not as fast as the 1st unit I haven't checked the 1st unit since I installed the 2nd...
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    android phone will not let me access this site

    when I try I get "forbidden" the other day I tried to sign in on my android phone & there was a key shaped icon I think that I pressed that to see what it did & now I can't access this site on my phone but I can on my computer what do I need to do to correct my phone? thanks
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    HWS recording ?

    when watching a recorded program on HWS, the bar at the bottom of the screen shows some wacky things rarely does it show the correct length of the recording a 2 hour recording may only show a 1 hour bar with the icon off the screen an hour recording may show 30 minutes, etc sometimes it also...
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    YouTube issue

    I was watching the YouTube app on my HWS, I noticed that I got no audio from the HWS to my av receiver I am using the optical connection from the HWS to the av receiver If I changed from the app back to regular programming, the audio returned I believe that this happened with the latest update...
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    Hopper 3 ?'s

    Does the H3 have component out like the HWS? Are both active at the same time? I am thinking about changing from 2 HWS to 2 H3, but the H3 must function like the HWS regarding hdmi & component being active at the same time Will 2 H3 be able to see the other's dvr recordings like the HWS? Will I...
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    strange event - HWS

    last Friday after work, went home to watch some tv the main HWS displayed some kind of error message (can't remember what it said) the HWS in the bedroom operated perfectly went back to main HWS & ran check switch. it showed 2 ports not receiving signal did a front panel reset & everything...
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    HWS & YouTube ?

    was watching YouTube over the weekend and came across dome Dolby Digital demo's, but when playing them, my av receiver did not display Dolby Digital. My HWS is connected to the receive via optical cable. Doesn't the Dolby Digital signal transmit via streaming?
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    HWS & YouTube ?

    When watching YouTube, how do you determine what signal the HWS is transmitting to the TV I have YouTube set to display the 1080p signal & I have a 4k tv How do I determine if the HWS is transmitting the 1080P signal to the tv?
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    OTA issue

    HWS with the dish version of the dual tuner ota dongle having issues While watching the ota channel, the red pop up box appears acquiring signal or whatever it says & then the picture returns Anyone else having this issue?
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    will the free snap ever be available to customers

    I have tried several times to get the snap from dish & each time they tell me there are none available wasn't this supposed to be free to existing customers?
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    loss of audio with HWS

    I have recently experienced loss of audio with HWS and Samsung Q90R. I have to un plug the hdmi cable from the 1 connect box & the plug it back it in, then the sound returns
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    a new HWS issue

    I have 2 HWS & a wireless joey setup I have been having issues with the HWS accessing the other's recordings Last night was having the problem again, so I tried the wireless was able to access both of the HWS recordings, yet neither HWS would see the other. How can that be? I...
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    HWS is it possible to receive 4k streaming?

    I have 2 HWS that are connected to Samsung 4k tiv's via hdmi....... When I use the YouTube app (channel 371), is it possible to receive 4k? How can I check the info to verify?
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    HWS issue

    Have 2 has hws & wireless joey Been having trouble with each has trying to access the others recordings Today the main has would only display channel 132. All others came back with signal loss message. Check status showed no signal on port 1 or port 2 Power button reboot has seemed to resolve...
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    mocha issue???

    seemingly every night my 2 HWS loose the ability to see each others dvr recordings. Is this a mocha issue? When I check the mocha summary, it shows 1 green arrow & 1 that is reddish/orange in color. It also does not show the 2nd HWS as being linked, even though the mocha strength is shown as...
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    HWS issue

    I have two HWS Since the recent updates, I am having problems with my hws viewing the other units recordings the only solution I have found is to reboot them. Anyone else have this problem? Also when checking to see which tuners are in use, the screen comes up blank & then finally shows the...