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    Anyone else having trouble with Directv2pc? I have had it on my pc for about a year and never any problem. Yesterday I went to use it and now it says that I have to Re Activate the key. So I uninstalled it got a new code from Directv and then reinstalled the software using the new code and I...
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    Relocating my recevier

    Currently I have an HR-24 in my living room and I want to relocate it to another room. Problem is that the cabling isn't long enough, my question is should I just buy a barrel connector and run new rg6 or should I re run it from the splitter? The location to the new room is about 20 feet away...
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    Has this ever happened to anyone?

    This morning I turn on my satellite and brought up my shows that I recorded last night and there was nothing on my dvr. I went into Manage Recordings and went to History and it said, "Programs deleted due to problems retaining the program (2003)" So I rebooted the receiver to make sure it...
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    Billing Question

    The other day I received my monthly Directv bill, today I was going through the bills in order to write checks and send them out and I found something odd on my monthly statement. I currently have NFL Sunday Ticket billed in 4 monthly payments of $39.99. I was checking to make sure my monthly...
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    LG Thrill

    I am considering a different phone finally! Haven't been in the market for a new smartphone for awhile so had some questions. Its been over a year or so since I had my BB Torch and I am 50/50 on it. So my contract is finally up and due for a phone and was looking at the Thrill as its 3D and...
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    Question About Changing and Adding Services

    Currently I have one HR-24 receiver and wanting to get another HD receiver. I know that this extends my current contract by 2 yrs but does it make me a "new customer", by direct standards. I was wondering because I would get the receiver in hopes of getting NFL Sunday Ticket for free. Is...
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    Qustion about sat 110

    I guess I am having a problem with sat 110 and the Satellite In 2 on the receiver . Noticed today that I wasn't getting some channels and was told that I have to get a tech out here and take a look. My signals for 110 are 40-50 none being above 61, my question is what is actually on this...
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    VOD question

    Who picks the content that is available on the On Demand Channels? The network or Direct? Just wondering since I was going through the FX one and no Sons of Anarchy, which I wanted to catch up on and really don't want to look at my 20" monitor when I could be watching on my tv.
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    Anyone Else Seem to Notice

    When I first turn the tv and sat back on in the morning the channel that it was left on comes on fine, the guide also seems to work and move fine, my concern or question is when I change to a different channel it takes up to a minute for the picture to come on. Is this normal? I am not sure if...
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    Direct promo

    When I signed up in Nov of last year I was given a 2yr rebate with the Choice Ultimate. The other day I moved up to the Premier package. My question is, do I still get the same rebate as I did with Choice Ultimate package? The CSR didn't seem to know off hand and I remember reading the fine...
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    Question about old receivers

    I bought an electronics lot the other day and there were some old Directv receivers. I know that the boxes will not work with my SWM setup but can anyone use these receivers anymore? They are Hughes/Directv receivers one being a Tivo DVR, the other two are just regular receivers and one Rca...
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    SWM Question

    For the last 3 or 4 days every couple hours or so I get a Searching for Satellite 771A message. After resetting via the red button or unplugging the HR-22 itself it usually goes away. Today it did not so I called into tech support and the lady said that the 771A is a swm problem, after...
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    DNS Waiver

    I was bored today and I called and wanted to see if I could get National Feeds in HD since my locals are only carried in SD. The first CSR said that I might be able to get National Feeds then she transferred me over to another CSR and she told me that I need a DNS waiver. Has anyone had...
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    New Direct internet?

    Anyone else hear about a new direct internet coming with the next year or so? I had a tech here this morning about a bad splitter and he was telling me about a new internet service that is currently in the works. Sounds like they will use the newer dish style and have a receiver type box...
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    Receiver question.

    In the last week I've been dealing with a receiver not connecting the internet. Today I was told that a replacement receiver would be sent out. When I asked them if it would be the same model they said it might not be, it would be what ever they had in stock at the time. Can I expect a older...
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    Directv Question

    I've had Direct since Nov '10 and love it. Recently I went back to having cable internet and since then I've been having a problem with my VOD. The first day I had the cable internet I hooked my wireless cable modem gateway to my HR22-100 and it connected to the internet and I was downloading...