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  1. quickfire

    New FW upgrade for H10

    I received a FW upgrade this morning at 3:22am....for my Bedroom H10 HD receiver....does anybody know what this FW fixes/adds? Thanks in advance for any knowledgable replys!!......quickfire
  2. quickfire

    VERY faint horizontal lines on both HDTV's with D*

    My D* receivers(H10 & Samsung 160)have started having horizontal scrolling lines on both my Toshiba 65H82 HDTV(living room) and my Sanyo 30 inch HDTV(bedroom)......I can barely see them only in dark scenes but it has began to get on my wife says im too picky ...but I know they were...
  3. quickfire

    As of Feb 6th...installers to install 5-LNB....

    I have read a few threads in several forums thats saying D* has sent out a notice to all installers ..starting February 6th ....there to install the new 5-LnB dish if any HD mpeg4 receivers are installed..regardless of whether the customer has local HD availible in area or not..Is this a rumor...
  4. quickfire

    Mark Cuban interested in buying Pirates!?

    Mark Cuban considering buying Pirates!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just heard this about an hour ago......I'm along time Pittsburgh Pirates fan......they have fallen into obscurity since Bonds left......I'm wishfully hoping that Mark...