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    HR 44 500 wi fi problem

    My new HR 44 500 works great except for one thing. Every couple of days I lose the wi fi connection to the internet. I have a new Apple Extreme router and I know I am getting a strong signal at the receiver because it show full bars at set up, and my PS3 is right next to it and I stream HD...
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    HR-44 Freezeups

    I have had my Hr-44 fro two weeks and love it. Only problem is it has locked up three times since I got it. Each time, the only fix is red button reset. This always happens on live tv. Completely locks up and loses sound. Works great otherwise, and definitely faster than my HR-24, but the...
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    Lost signal

    Lost signal last night due to wet snow. Now getting error messages saying card is expired. Will everything go back to normal on its own when snow melts?
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    Lost Sound

    The wife turned on the TV this morning and there was no sound. This has happened before after an overnight update. We got the new HD guide last night so I figure this caused the sound problem. A rb reset always gets the sound back. The receiver is a HR-24 500. We have same receiver in the...
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    Error Message

    I got an error message last night that I have not seen before. It said my access card was expired. I havent heard anything from DTV about my card being expired. We had a momentary power outage just before this happened, and Im wondering if that could have caused the error. A red button reset...
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    Direct Cinema

    I am now connected to DTV Direct Cinema, and must say I am rather disappointed. I thought I would be able to stream movies like on Netflix or Amazon, but all I see are PPV, and movies that are on DTV to record {if you have that channel} Is that all there is?
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    Powerline Adapters

    Im trying to connect my HR-24-500 to the internet using a Netgear powerline adapter. Im sure it is hooked up properly because my PS3 is using it with no problems. But it will not connect with the HR. Called CS and was told to check online for answer. Can anyone help?
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    No sound

    This morning, my HR24-500 was not putting out any sound. Tried to do a menu reset, but the system locked up. A red button reset fixed the problem. Everything was great last night. Ive seen some threads about new updates, and Im wondering if this was the case. How do I check for new...
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    Another remote problem

    Added a DVD ro the setup in my daughters bedroom. Have the remote set up to run the SD receiver, TV and DVD, and everything works,but the TV will not turn on or off using the combined buttons on the remote. All TV actions work,including input key, but it will not respond to the combine power...
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    DTV Customer Service

    I had to call DTV Customer Sevice for the first time last night. After reading some of the horror stories on here, I wasnt sure what to expect. I got right in with no waiting, which was a pleasant surprise, and actually spoke with someone who spoke English!! Already this is much better than...
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    Remote problem

    The remote for the SD receiver in the bedroom has gone belly up. It will not operate anything. Brand new batteries did not help. You can operate the receiver from the front panel, but remote is dead. Is there something I can do to fix this, or replacement the only option? Remote is only...
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    D12-100 problem

    The D12-100 standard receiver in the bedroom is acting up. When you try to go to a channel from the guide it will sometimes give an error message that we dont get that channel (we do), and sometimes it will go to a blank screen with sound. I have tried menu reset, red button reset, and...
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    HR24-500 glitch

    My HR24-500 would not respond to my Harmony One yesterday, so I tried the DTV remote, and it would not turn the unit on either. Did a red button reset, and has worked fine since. Anyone seen this before?
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    I am kind of new around here, and saw in a thread that someone was banned for trolling. What is trolling?
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    Whats up with this web site?

    I really enjoy this site, but it is soooo sloooow! Takes forever for a page to load. I dont have that problem on the other sites. Anyone know what the problem is?
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    Native on or off

    I know from reading this monitring this forum that turning off native resolution will speed up channel changes, but my question is what am I losing by turning it off. Will PQ suffer?
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    Unusual remote problem

    The remote in the bedroom suddenly stopped working...completely dead. Changed batteries...didnt help. Put old batteries back in and started working again! And yes, before you ask, both sets of batteries were installed correctly. The remote is a R65, only three months old, and the receive...
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    DTV vs Dish

    Just want to add my two cents worth to the "Great Debate" over which is better...DTV or Dish. I have had DTV for three months, and am very pleased with it. Used retail installer and I got all the newest equipment. Had Dish for five years, and started having trouble with the DVR. Called...
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    Internet Connection

    I am new to DTV and confused about what I ned to do to be able to get VOD and pay per view. I have the new SWM dish, two HR24-500's, and a SD receiver. I do not have whole home service. I am not certain what DECA is, and what part it plays in conecting to the Internet. I guess basically Im...
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    Remote Question

    I have a HR24-500, and use a Sherwood AV receiver for sound. The DTV remote will control the sound on the Sherwood, but I have to move the switch to do so. Is there a way to make the remote control the sound while the switch is still in receiver mode. It is a pain to have to switch back and...