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    Cox Selling off a very big chunk of their markets...
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    Offers your getting from various companies (dbs and cable)?

    Offers you're getting from various companies (dbs and cable)? Similar to the other thread but this is for others but more general.... dish, directv, cable.... post your offers so others can know what people are getting. Also for dbs post if you were a customer in the past (ie returning...
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    How does Dish Network store your infomation?

    I had Dish a few years ago and moved to voom. Now that theyre gone it seems dish is the best option because their lease stuff. Do they store your old acct info by phone, name, address etc. I have roomates than can "sign" up for the acct but I need to know what to change to qualify for the...
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    Does the 942/522 require multiple coax cables to use dual tuner?

    Im sure this has come up before but I couldnt find anything with a search... debating getting the 942 and 522 for my house once voom goes at the end of the month.
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    Questions regarding exisitng receivers and the DVR

    Curious to see if anybody knows what new features the regular boxes will get in order to work with the DVR? Id love some features added to the regular guide related to DVR recording (next showing, search, go back in time, etc). Just curious if anybody has a new features listing that the dvr...
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    Yet another PQ thread (question though)

    Im curious to see if anybody has seen the following on their voom recently (past week or so). Ive noticed that recently when somebodys head movies up and down fairly slowly there almost seems to be a ghost trail behind it..... its difficult to explain and I just got a new projector so it could...
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    how much cable does the "added" voom receivers come with?

    I know I ran my own cable for the first voom receiver but I dont want to do it again (would rather use whatever cable the isntaller provides but I have some long runs to get across my house) and I was going to have the installer run on the floor for now (unless he wants to run in teh walls for...
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    Shows/Movies you would like to see voOm get.

    Since it seems voOm is atleast somewhat listens to its customers so lets get a list going for them :) Some personal one 1. All the older startrek movies 2. Robocop 1 (I know theyve had 2 and 3 but both are a far cry from the first) Im sure Ill think of more....
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    There has to be some kind of hidden message here....
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    So now that voOm looks like its going to survive what does it need to change?

    Talking installer network, etc.... maybe we can get a nice list going and get it sent to Charles since it looks like he might be able to run this company properly now. EDIT 2/11 ======== DVR RSN's (SD or HD) Own installer network PPV National HD feeds Better Advertising (BB/CC) Self...
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    Anything new with the DVR? (will it be delayed because of cablevision selling)

    I havent heard much of anything and were getting close to feb.... god it sucks waiting for march and it may never come.
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    Free StarzHD Preview ?

    I am getting starz on 261 (dont sub to the starz pack)and its always on (not that im going to complain)... I assume this is somehow related.
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    HD video from Indonesia on HDN today.

    Not sure when they started showing footage but HDN has some and is using it in some of their stories on the tsunami cleanup..... gives a new perspective to the destruction. EDIT... its not indonesia footage, theyre saying its from sri lanka.
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    Why are voOm's Movie Packs are more than Dish/Direct?

    Im assuming because of E/W feed but and other reason beyond that? Seems they would/should offer just one and match the competarors price.... Ive "had" starz on my account the past few days and Ive been impressed with its content and considered adding it to my account but 20/month for one...
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    Any chance we will get an updated look to the voom boxes?

    I love voom right now but the guide is missing some features I would like to have... logos for channels (makes it much easier to find channels) and maybe a DD5.1 logo when stuff is in DD, colored guide (i know voom has the organize by show type but its much easier to have one guide and color...
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    Anybody know how the Voom PVR is going to work? (recording)

    Is it going to be a vcr like device like dish's equip or tivo/replay like (I really hope you can schedule to record by name).... I hate the E* VCR saving, its alot easier to record by name. We all know its going to be better than anything else in terms of networking but i really...
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    Any chance voom will ever let "OTA SD" channels in the guide?

    I only get 2 HD channels where I live (others havent converted over yet) but they all have SD towers here and right now I have a replay hooked up to cable that gets the analog stations fine but I was thinking when voom gives me a PVR I want to cancel my replay but w/o all the stations that wont...
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    Is there a real manual for the voom receiver somewhere?

    Not the small booklet that comes with the box, something that shows you all the little quirks of the system? Also on a related note I dont have the Va Va voom package, just the regualr one and other that using favorites is there somewhere in the setup where you can only display the channels...
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    question about the voom satelite obrital location

    I think Ive read that the voom dish orbital location is at 61.5 deg (my voom doesnt get installed until next tues)... I have dish now and had to have the 61.5 satelite for HDTV way back when. My question is should the voom dish point to the same part of the sky as the dish 61.5 does? I...