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  1. hockeynut5150

    NESN HD issue on EA?

    Hi all, I have this issue where NESN HD is gone from my guide. I'm on EA but no LOS to 61.5, only 72.7 and 77, no LOS on WA either. Happened on saturday and happened today. Today I tried unplugging the receiver for 10 mins, check switch ok but still won't come up According to the list, NESN HD...
  2. hockeynut5150

    can 61.5, 72.7 and 110 coexist?

    I'm using all legacy equipment, can this setup work?
  3. hockeynut5150

    NBA League Pass HD

    whoa! 8 games in HD show up in tomorrow's guide, is there a contract yet?
  4. hockeynut5150

    transponder 20 on 61.5

    Is there a technical reason why a transponder's signal would drop significantly at certain hours during the day?. I'm located in Costa Rica and that particular transponder goes to mid 20s during the afternoon to less than 10 at around 8pm local time (GMT -6) only to come back to around 15-20 3-4...
  5. hockeynut5150

    NBATV HD Gone?

    I don't see it on my guide anymore
  6. hockeynut5150

    NHL Network

    anyone knows why NHL Network isn't included in the Sports Pack?. I downgraded to DishHD Essential and now says I'm not subscribed to channel 403 but I get it on channel 559 (Center Ice) how long will I get to keep it once hockey season is over?
  7. hockeynut5150

    spotbeam reaching outside of CONUS?

    Not sure if this question has been asked before. Is there a way to identify what area spotbeam am I picking up on TP15 on 61.5?. I'm located outside of CONUS
  8. hockeynut5150


    when will Dish be adding LOGO HD? :D