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    OTA dongle issue

    I have both of the ota dual dongles (dish & air tv) I can be watching an ota channel & suddenly the loss of signal box pops up The picture disappears for a few seconds & then comes right back Is this a sign of the dongle over heating or something else?
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    Wireless Joey AP

    since I added the snap to my HWS, my wireless joey is faster
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    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    2 increases this year and more channels gone No sports channels locals now missing and new additions are just old reruns
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    Wireless Joey?

    ok, so now I am lost are you saying that all I need to do is run cat 6 from the hws to the new joey? and this will give me access to dish programming?
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    Wireless Joey?

    I presently have 1 wireless joey with 2 hws I am thinking about adding a joey to a tv in a sum room, but the wireless signal would have to travel through and outside brick wall. Is it possible to run a cat 6 cable from the WAP to the joey in the sun room? If not, what would be my options?
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    Wireless Joey?

    how many wireless joey's can be used with dish's WAC?
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    Dish remote code to control a Sony XR-55A80J TV

    nothing to add regarding the programing of the remote, just wondering how you like the tv interested in that same model
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    Tegna removes local channels

    lost CBS in Kentucky
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    HWS & smart tv connection?

    Other than a wireless Joey, what is the simplest and most dependable way to connect a smart tv to HWS. TV will be located in sun room I already have a wireless joey that connects the kitchen tv, that works pretty well
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    Big Joey announcement?

    I guess streaming would be ok, but a lot of people aren't able to get the high speed internet. I am one of those. I am limited to download speed of 25. I have 2 of the HWS & don't see the advantage of moving to H3. There is no 4K programming available from dish, so the only advantage I see...
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    Hws, you tube?

    Any plans to change this
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    Hws, you tube?

    Have hws and 4k tv When I view you tube 4k via hws app, do I get 4k, OR do I need the h3
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    New DISH Equipment

    would be interested in the wireless joey 4 would also be nice to have the ota tuners built in, as I don't care too much for the usb module I don't seem to get as good reception as I did with the 722's
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    CIRCLE HD in testing on channel 370

    Get this ota and never watched Glad to het another hd channel. Nut not much to watch
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    Olympics in 4K?

    What is the 4k picture like Any better than 1080
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    Olympics in 4K?

    for those that can view the Olympics, how is the picture? is it an upgrade that is noticeable?
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    Olympics in 4K?

    isn't this the same problem Dish had with the last olympics? 5 years later & still no better
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    What is needed to swap 4K Joey for second (owned) H3?

    would this be the same procedure to swap 2 HWS for 2 H3's?
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    How to confirm my new Snap is installed?

    I'm glad I went ahead & got it for both of HWS, makes a big difference in speed even helps the wireless joey
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    Equipment upgrade without technician?

    absolutely get a snap...…..just got a couple last week, big difference in guide speed on both of my HWS