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    Multi Room DVR ???

    I wouldn't believe it. Cablevision reps usually know absolutely nothing.
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    Sign a petition and keep Monsters HD on the air.

    I don't think that they will just keep one channel. I agree monsters HD was good, but the rest were not.
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    VOOM...NO MORE!!!

    Can't really say I'm disappointed. Lets be honest, how many people actually watched those channels. MonstersHD was pretty good though, although after awhile it got boring.
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    verizon fios in nyc

    If I wasn't such a big Ranger fan. I hate watching in SD. Well hopefully cablevision will match them in the coming weeks!!
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    verizon fios in nyc

    Verizon's HD channel additions are more than impressive. All of the HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtimes are in HD. Plus Sci-fi and ESPNews. That blows Cablevisions crappy 15 additions, yay Hallmark Movie Channel. IF THEY JUST ADDED MSGHD, I would switch today and tell Cablevision to go to hell
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    verizon fios in nyc

    I don't think they will do anything. Fios has been in Long Island for awhile now. Fios still doesn't have the Rangers or Knicks in HD which is a huge reason not to go with Fios.
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    what else is new!!

    You must have read my mind. I was going to post the same thing. NO NEW HD IN MONTHS FOR CABLEVISION.
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    Voom is gone?

    I think the question here is, why are some important HD channels that are on everyother cable provider not on Cablevision, i.e. ESPNews, TLC HD, Discovery HD, Animal Planet HD, etc. TWC just added a ton of new HD. Cablevision hasn't added any new content since December, and that was ESPN2HD...
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    Voom is gone?

    How many people actually like the VOOM channels. They show the same stuff, and none of it is very good. Occassionally Monsters HD has good stuff on it, but other than that, to me its all crap.
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    Voom is gone?

    All of my channels are the same. Hopefully this means they will be adding some new HD soon.
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    Cablevision Adds Music Choice On Demand

    That is cool, but Im still waiting for new HD channels, been a long time since any were added.