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    Issue with Skip Back on Hopper 3 & Joeys

    I see the same problem with skip backwards on my Joeys and Hopper with Sling. I find if I hit the skip backwards multiple times it will eventually go backwards but the number of times can vary before it starts going back. So sometimes you go back too far and some times you end up where you...
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    Trial and Error NBC guide error?

    I had the same trouble with Trial and Error. I had a timer set from last year that missed the first two episodes. I had to delete the old timer and create a new one. It worked for both episodes last week but I had to grab that first episode tonight from the PTAT list. Funny show BTW. Sent from...
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    Slingbox ceasing production

    This is bad news for us. We have a small place on a lake in western Michigan and use the Sling Box app in a Roku to watch Chicago stations (especially sports) sent from our Hopper in Illinois. There are no extraneous commercials in the Roku app and no need to have any Dish or TV service in...
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    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    I continue to have the same problem with ABC. I have two HWS and started saving some ABC Prime Time shows on both. On one HWS, "The Goldbergs" is not available, except for the last 2-3 minutes. One the other HWS, it seems to have recorded the whole program, although I'll see if is still...
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    Prime Time recordings corrupted after several weeks.

    I totally agree. I know there can be issues when the certain real time programming like sports causes problems and shifts the starting and ending times on subsequent programs. I have managed that with Sunday night programs for years. That is definitely not the case here. For me it was...
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    Prime Time recordings corrupted after several weeks.

    I have seen the exact same problem on my Hopper with Sling - There was some discussion here: It was an intermittent problem, and only on ABC PTAT recordings after the 8-day window was over. The Autohop...
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    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    I checked and I didn't have any episodes in My Recordings that exhibited this problem and were still in the PTAT folder. Although I am pretty sure I had a similar problem with a 20/20 episode while I was within the 8 day window. It wasn't that big a deal to me at the time and I didn't think to...
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    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    No - just from My Recordings. I don't know if I still have any still in PTAT, but I can check when I get home and try it. It isn't a frequent occurrence, but when it happens, it is annoying, Although now that ABC is available On Demand, I can live with it. And so far it is just ABC, so I...
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    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    I've had exactly the same problem. Only on ABC, once a couple days after recording a show (within the 8-day window) and once about 11 days after recording it. It doesn't happen all the time. I try to watch it and the DVR starts the show with only about 3 minutes left. I basically see the...
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    Material Archived to external drive disappears

    With a limit of 999 recordings per EHD, is there an easy way to determine how many you already have on an EHD, short of counting them all? I suppose I could them all into one big folder, but I thought there might be a simpler way I'm just note seeing.
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    TV Land in HD?

    I wish they would upgrade TVLand to HD as well, but in the meantime it looks like the initial broadcast of each episode of the Jim Gaffigan Show is also scheduled on Nick at the same time, in HD. But all the subsequent reruns are on TVLand in SD.
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    Hopper & Joey in Canada

    This thread has a link to a video demonstration of the new UI:
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    Any hope of including WB Newtwork as part of the Primetime recording.

    If they were going to add a network, my personal preference would be to add PBS.
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    Is my 722k dying?

    Well, that explains why my list of timers on Dish Anywhere looked like some were missing. When I had the 722, Dish Anywhere always listed all of my timers, regardless of whether there were any recordings pending. I had about 60 and they were all there. With the Hopper, Dish Anywhere seems to...
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    Is my 722k dying?

    I moved from a 722 (not a 722k) to a Hopper last month and couldn't save the timer information from the 722. I was able to get a list of all my timers by logging into Dish Anywhere. Go to My DVR, then My Timers. I selected the entire list and copied and pasted them into a Word document...
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    HBO 50% Off For 6 Months

    Just saw a response in the other thread - looks like you have to be adding it and not had HBO for at least a couple months.
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    HBO 50% Off For 6 Months

    Has anyone gotten this that already had HBO, or is it only for people who didn't have it and are adding it? Ray
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    New installation (not so pretty), Hopper + Super Joey

    Thanks Chad. That's what I thought. I am looking forward to my Hopper installation next week and will probably have more questions eventually. I will wait a few days for things to settle in and I get some hands on experience with it first. Ray
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    New installation (not so pretty), Hopper + Super Joey

    I am upgrading to a 2 Hopper; 2 Joey system next week so I was saving my questions for when I have it up and running - but this surprised me. I thought that if you connect one Hopper to the Internet, that was sufficient for the whole system including the other Hopper and the two Joeys...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    I would like to upgrade my system. I currently have 1 722, 2 612s and a 211Z and would like to upgrade to 2 Hoppers with Sling and 2 Joeys. Please contact me via Private Mail. Ray Smith