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    Hooking up a 211K

    I am thinking about purchasing a 211K to hookup in my bedroom. Currently, I am able to watch TV in the bedroom from the 722K from the den. I was thinking about hooking up the 211K myself, so how easy would it be to accomplish this? I am pretty technical, so doing something like this does not...
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    Coming back to DISH

    I got a advertisement from Dish last week about coming back. It has been less than a year since I have left, but they were going to offer me the same promo as new customers would get. After thinking about it, I started to fill out my order online. I am only going to have 2 TV's (HD in Den and...
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    Which TV is best for Dish?

    I am thinking about getting a new TV in the future and was looking at a 46" TV Plasma. The reason that I am getting plasma is because I read that you can get a better viewing angle. Anyway, which resolution TV looks the best on Dish Network? 720p or 1080p? Is 1080p worth the extra $300...