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  1. Lkr

    HD Channels are looking like SD channels

    They are open 24 hours if you are impatient! I know I wouldn't wait until tomorrow
  2. Lkr

    2014 MLB.TV

    i got premium, hoping it is a lot of fun. is their a system that offers the best picture quality or are they all the same?
  3. Lkr

    2014 MLB Season

    with the Lakers being complete trash this year, I'm going to really try to get back into baseball. i ordered and am excited for the season to start now. with the lack of an entertaining nba playoff outlook for me this year, i need something to hold me until the world cup and then...
  4. Lkr

    Is my dish HD or not

    have you threatened to cancel? they'll probably help you out
  5. Lkr

    Tired of these new channels

    FXX is great, it has always sunny and the league
  6. Lkr

    fox sports go

    does anyone allow RSN streaming?
  7. Lkr

    fox sports go

    Gotcha, I don't remember much of the drama, just that both are available in my old package and bright house networks only gives FS1 without the sports package(not to mention they don't have access to FSGo either for some reason). do you happen to know when the contracts are up for renewal? i...
  8. Lkr

    fox sports go

    didn't D* wait until the last minute to sign on for FS1? FSGo was supposed to be part of Fox's plans out of the gate for FS1, and while they were a bit slow getting it out, i need it with champions league starting back up in a few days. the least they could do is make it available on the D*...
  9. Lkr

    The Weather BACK!

    i don't want to be "that guy", but TWC actually served a purpose at one time. When broadband internet became widespread in the US about 10 or so years ago, it was the beginning of the end. i have no reason for the channel. i can check the weather quicker on my phone or tablet from multiple...
  10. Lkr

    fox sports go

    Is this anything we'll ever see from D*? Still don't have watchespn and the lack of being able to watch live sports online is really starting to upset me. It is great that I get more sports channels than the other providers at a better price, but being able to access them online like the rest...
  11. Lkr

    Leak shows Sprint may soon change unlimited plans to take on T-Mobile

    i'm confused by the pricing structure of this, but it doesn't look like it is any cheaper than my current plan. i have no need for unlimited minutes when i already have unlimited mobile to mobile. capped data sounds nice but $10 in savings for 1GB to unlimited seems a bit silly. Maybe $10 for...
  12. Lkr

    Softbank Says They'll Invest $16 Billion in Sprint Hopes to Pull Even With Verizon LTE in Two Years

    i was talking to my dad on the 4th of july randomly about phones and he mentioned the acquisition was pretty much a done deal. i hadn't been following the story, and was shocked to hear that it had happened and he knew about it! i'm glad softbank wants to invest in sprint
  13. Lkr

    Who got the technology first?

    this is true, however at this point maybe it is because it has been so long or maybe because D* did improve, i can hardly tell the speed difference between the HR24 and the VIP622/722. The HR22 is an entirely different and sadder story however
  14. Lkr


    Charlie better not get Sprint. I cannot imagine how much worse my service could be! Sprint is a funny provider though, they are so inconsistent. In some places it is flatout unusable, but in the Jacksonville area and east Orlando area it is much better than AT&T for 3G. Can't speak on LTE...
  15. Lkr

    Madden 25 + Sunday Ticket, $99?

    given how bad the internet sunday ticket service is, i don't think is worth it
  16. Lkr

    fox soccer suddenly available??

    i also have choice xtra classic at this point i believe. it is the same choice xtra from 2009, which i assume is classic by now
  17. Lkr

    Madden 25 + Sunday Ticket, $99?

    from what i read it is only the web access to ST and not on the TV
  18. Lkr

    fox soccer suddenly available??

    hmm interesting, i was flipping through channels as recently as last week and it wasn't available until the other day for me. oh well, can't complain, i got to see the europa league final
  19. Lkr

    fox soccer suddenly available??

    I don't pay for the sports pack and never have. All of a sudden I started receiving Fox Soccer however. Is this on a free trial that I didn't get an alert message for? The channel is being killed off in August so I am wondering if D* is just giving it to us now since it has no value
  20. Lkr

    Local channel issue

    Jeez I wonder what's going on. I'm still having issues and they won't give me the national feed for the day Sent from my iPhone