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    Installing LNB's on Primestar and Vsat KU dishes

    I've made 6 acquisitions since the 2 Prodelins a few yrs ago, n I'm not sure how 2 go abt using the FTA LNB's since I'm not finding any that will mate 2 the 4-bolt or 6-bolt feedhorns. I was able 2 decase a DTV single LNB, discovered that the throat can b clamped in the LNB holder on the Channel...
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    Rescued two Prodelins, need help otherwise

    I went by the Ford dealership on Friday and saw the two satcom dishes that were on the roof weren't standing there anymore. I'm thinking about going C-band anyway, and had a few minutes to kill, so I decided, why not? I had nothing to lose by trying. So, I went inside and asked about them, was...