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    Ordering AM21 tuner from D*

    Is there a reason they want to charge me additional $50 service fee? What is up with that? I'll be installing that myself...
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    Few questions before I move over to Direct

    Once C31 is offered I'll be looking at 2 of them plus H34 and one HD receiver just to have an extra tuner in case something happens to H34. Now the questions. 1. I currently have RG6 quad shield running in my house to each room from the basement. RG6 is about 8 years old (came from Comcast)...
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    Do I need to upgrade my Dish?

    I keep getting postcards and emails from Dish Network (see below). Right now I have a 200 pkg plus Chicago locals. My Super Dish is picking up 4 satellites: 110,118,119,129. I think I spoke to "Dish" about this once before about a year ago and when I called they were trying to sell me extra...