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    equipment stagnation

    its been so long since directv, or dish, has released a new receiver. anyone think something new will come? or are the companies happy with what they have? im still on an hr34 with an hr24 on room 2. i really do not want the hs17. but its been so long, i think i need an equipment refresh...
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    saw this, but the link goes to the 4k page, anyone know anything? edit: ling
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    2 years and..........

    its been 2 years sine the hs17 was released its time for something newer, something to actually compete with the hopper3 att is lagging
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    Verizon’s consumer EVP Ronan Dunne on 5g

    Verizon warns that mid-band 5G will perform more like 4G “While we can deploy and we will deploy a 5G nationwide offering,” Dunne explained, “the lower down the spectrum tiers you go, the more that will approximate to a good 4G service.”
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    pause screen ads

    coming soon to att, hulu, ect ect TV’s Next Commercial Break Might Be the Pause in Your Binge (EXCLUSIVE) basically everyone wants a new revenue stream and will put ads onto the pause screen
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    vzw new unlimited jetpack - prepaid

    just an fyi. vzw has an unlimited plan for the prepaid jetpack i am currently resting it out, so far still getting up to 50mbs after over 200gb in 2 weeks Prepaid Cell Phones & No Contract Plans | Verizon Wireless
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    caavo control center

    came across this thought i wold share voice control, that searches all your platforms (hulu, amazon, ect) $100 for hardware and $2/month
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    is there a list

    is there a list on a website maybe, that lists carriage disputes by provider, station, ect over the years? would be interesting to see
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    equipment shortage?

    been reading posts on the directv forums where new customers are being delayed installs they are told by CS/installers/ect that there is an equipment shortage. anyone heard about this?
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    got the upgrade bug

    just sayin, i really want to upgrade, i hoe the feeling passes soon
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    quick h3 question

    does the h3 do 4k via hdmi? or is a joey required?
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    directv 16

    ran across this DirecTV 16 havent seen anything else about it, so consider it a rumor
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    been thinking

    he lack of a 4k dvr, the laughable hs17 and its issues, and the atrocity of the new guide actually have me looking at dish, something i said i would never do when i left them before these are my only 2 options does anyone know if directv has anything in the pipe worth waiting on?
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    c71kw manual

    ATTC71KW Wireless STB User Manual Wistron NeWeb Corporation fyi
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    nfl ticket

    be on the lookout. directv is sending out emails for free nfl sunday ticket just got one this morning, expires tomorrow. directv forums confirms its legit no input of into required, just click on a link
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    interesting rumor

    so was talking to someone on the directv forums about the hs17 asked where he got his info from and of course this was the reply Like I said. I was a tech for Directv for 3 years. The reverse band has the capability to run 22 tuners. I’ve seen it in the setup and in all of our trainings. And...
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    why is it so difficult to get a bottom line price?

    i went online, then tried chat gave the rep my zip code and requirements hopper 3 and joey at250 they cant give me a price without my full address or phone number? what so difficult?
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    freecast selectv

    saw a post on avs referencing this article was wondering if anyone used selectv?
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    service call cost increase

    just read this on the directv forums As of 3/20 Service calls without the protection plan will cost: $99. hadnt heard this yet
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    directv revolution

    is there a website, ect with coverage for directv revolution?