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    Hopper Upgrades

    Dirt, Got original hopper week of release, having power cycle issues. Interested in upgrading to hws. Currently have 1 hopper, and 2 Joey's. Possible to replace a Joey with a second hws? Like to know asap, tech visit sat 1/11/14 for issue where I have no signal on tuners 1,and 2 but gr8 signal...
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    Am I understanding this correctly - PTAT will not show up until the next day's recordings are comple

    On a new install, or addition of hd locals it takes 24 hrs for ptat to get all the guide info. Tomorrow it should be fine...
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    Recording network show with PTAT

    Yup, as stated...
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    DLNA *or* Sling, but not both???

    Its very weird, it never would see my pc for the last week since install, but tonight i decided to turn on dlna through my galaxy note, and when i did, both my note, and pc showed up on the device list on the hopper. Could just be coincidence though, who knows...
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    DLNA *or* Sling, but not both???

    No hic, and Sling, and Dlna are fine here...... Dlna just started working for me tonight though...
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    Ethernet Hookup

    I have one hardwired connection at my hopper, nun at the joeys, and i have no problem with streaming videos. No hic, or any networt connection at joeys becides moca. running 2way of off node to joeys with no issues...
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    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    I have no hic, and all of the suddon dlna started working to night with my pc, and galaxy note. Only thing i did was turn the allshare(dlna) app on, on my phone, then it could see my pc as well. must have bee a coincedence. Never worked till tonight, no new software on my hopper either. Very...
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    Harmony One for the Hopper

    I personally would steer anyone away from the xsight remotes! One it is so much mor clunky, and non-intuitive than the logitech. I had the model right below the touch. Same remote except it had physical buttons next to the color screen. I hated it. Ended up giving it away. Not sure if the...
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    1 qwirk starting to get kinda anoying...

    Anyone else experincing speradic video/audio freezes? Maybe once, or twice an hour i get a video/audio stutter or split second hiss on the audio side. Signal from sats is great. Never did this on my 922. Just curious. This is really the only issue I am having, and luckly its not happing...
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    Folders in the DVR

    If u have it sort to "My Folders" it comes up this way every time u go into DVR...
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    Got 2 Hoppers 3 Joeys Installed Today, Thinking of Canceling

    The pq is great on mine, and that is on a Sharp Aquos 70" which should make any artifacts more noticable. Is ur tv 120/240hz?
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    Why is my Hopper HD 8% full with 5 recordings?

    Thats what i thought also...
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    Why is my Hopper HD 8% full with 5 recordings?

    Do u use ptat? I have 1 recording becides ptat, and it says 4% used... p.s. we only get 500gig to use i believe...
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    Public Service Announcement: The Hopper can bring your Internet to it's knees!

    I only pay 80bux through charter..... 200bux a month..... damn!
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    Barrel Connectors Question

    I have a few "White" barrels with no ill effects...
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    Public Service Announcement: The Hopper can bring your Internet to it's knees!

    Get more bandwidth... ;-) I have no prob with my 100meg connection. :-)
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    We currently have 7 receivers - are we out of luck?

    He asked for options, that is the best fit..........
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    Hopper Sling Adapter and EHD

    The hopper software is based on the 922, and on the 922 the ehd was never viewable through sling. If i were to guess, this is just the way it will operate. Nothing to fix unfortunatlly.
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    We currently have 7 receivers - are we out of luck?

    Max is 3h9j. You should be ok...
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    HD for Joey with non-HDMI TV

    Does the tv have component, or composite (red,white,yellow)?