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    Was getting Local Channels from OTA, that were not in my DMA

    A few days ago, I was getting Local OTA Channels not in my DMA. I had OTA Channels as far away as Indianapolis, and OTA Locals from Champaign, Illinois. I live 45 Minutes to an 1 Hour from Terre Haute, Indiana, which is my DMA with Dish Locals/OTA. Some were on my lineup, but some were not...
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    Conxxus Fiber Internet

    After many years of waiting for Fiber Internet in the town where I live, we are finally being offered to have Fiber Internet in our homes. Does anyone know how good Conxxus Fiber Internet is compared to the Cable Internet offered by Mediacom Cable. I currently have Mediacom Internet, and while...
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    Dish/Directv Merger

    Is it going to happen??? What if it does happen?? It almost happened in the early 2000s. I am talking about the new rumor about Dish/Directv, after AT&T is letting Directv go. Years ago, streaming was never heard of, so now even if they would merge, will it save either one of them or save...
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    4K DVD Player

    I have a 4K DVD Player that will not play a 4 K Disc. I have Premium HDMI cables, but still not able to play the movie. So, what am I doing wrong?
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    OTA Price.

    I am new at this game with how much should I pay for an installer to put up a new OTA, along with keeping my Dish!!!! The installer wants to charge me 250.00 plus tax. Is this a reasonable price or should I keep looking/shopping for an OTA and installer?
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    Should I get an OTA, even though ABC/Mission had a temporary agreement

    I am thinking about getting an OTA and having an installer visit my home tomorrow. ABC/Mission struck up a temporary agreement up until April 13th or 14th, so many Dish customers got back their ABC local channel back on the Dish Channel Lineup. My question, should I get an OTA. I am back and...
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    4K Joey

    I am trying to decide whether or not to do an upgrade from a regular Joey to a Joey for a 4K TV. What's the benefits of having the 4K Joey, if there are no channels with 4K viewing? I know that's Dish's goal or goal's, and the 50.00 upgrade is not that much, but without the networks carrying...
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    ME TV On Dish

    I have noticed, that on, that METV is being tested on Dish. How soon will this become available?
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    Universal HD

    Next Month, Universal HD will be going off the air, not just with Dish, also Directv and many other Cable Companies. In its spot, the new Olympic Channel will be launched. I know that Directv and a few other cable Companies will have it on their Channel lineups, but what is Dish going to do...
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    Hopper Joey shuts down/restarts

    I am fairly new to the Hopper Joey DVR system. Every once in awhile, my daughters Super Joey will shut down, then restart back up. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do? I have taken the Super Joey off another electronic component, and also directly plugging the Super Joey...