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    Wireless Joey Issue

    After something like almost 7 years the wireless Joey suddenly doesn't want to connect (1303). I performed all the usual exercises like rebooting the HWS, unplugging the access point, unplugging the wireless Joey numerous times to no avail. No equipment ever was moved, it just stopped...
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    Guide not Updating

    Today I noticed the guide wasn't updated (no information available). So I turned the HWS (U740) off and patiently waited until the guide updated, watching the update progress to completion. When I resumed watching, the guide was still not updated. Is this something new?
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    I'm definitely going to get this Hopper Snap when it becomes available, but: My HWS has both USB ports occupied. The top port has my OTA tuner and the lower port is for a hub that powers my EHD's. Since I have a spare port on the hub, I tried plugging in the OTA USB tuner into it. It seems...
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    Hopper Failure?

    I have a fairly straightforward setup: One HWS and two joeys (one is wireless). Everything worked fine for several years, but lately when I turn off the hopper and retire to the bedroom, I turn on the bedroom TV/Joey and the picture is pixilated/torn/stuttering with brief bits of sound, etc...
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    A question for one of the experienced Dish installers.

    My sister had setup with a Hopper 3 connected to an old Mitsubishi TV and a couple of Joeys elsewhere connected to their respective TV’s. Then she redid her main TV room replacing the Mitsubishi with a projector and home theatre setup. Suddenly, the H3 wouldn’t work. The only way the Dish...
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    I noticed my HWS was updated with U249 overnight. Is there anything in this update worth mentioning?
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    Unusual problem

    I discovered the picture on my Joey 2 was pixelating badly so the tech had me do a check switch which seemed to clear the problem up. However, after the check switch I discovered certain channels (only the ones emanating from 119) when switched to briefly displayed the "complete signal loss" box...
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    I noticed I received update U238 for my HWS. Is there anything of any significance in this release?
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    replace joey with superjoey

    I'm considering replacing my wired joey with a super joey but may have a wiring issue. I only have 2 wires coming in from the dish (1000.2). I believe the third node on the Dish accommodates the wing dish. I've heard there is an alternative wiring method. Is this correct?
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    Hopper with only wireless Joey's

    My sister was told in order to get the Hopper she needs a complete cable rewiring. I plan to suggest she can minimize her problems by running a pair of 3ghz rg6's from the dish to the location where the Hopper would be located and to use wireless Joeys for the other TV's. There shouldn't be any...
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    I noticed my HWS got the S530 overnight. Is there anything in it of significance, or is it simply a minor maintenance upgrade?
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    Hopper phone connection

    When I built the house there were the usual million issues I had to deal with. Accordingly, I neglected to run a phone line to where my Dish receiver was to be located. I managed to get phone connectivity with the usual wireless phone jack (the type that uses the house wiring) sold under...
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    New hopper customer, a few issues

    After a week with the hopper with one wired and one wireless joey, the experience is generally a good one. I transitioned to the hopper from a 622 and a 612. Things I like: The caller ID appears on all TV's. The graphic look of the EPG. All TV's have HD. Access to the EHD from all joey's...
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    Guide from the Hopper to the Joey

    I just got the Hopper and created a customized guide removing the stuff I don't want to see. However, this custom guide isn't seen by the joey and it seemed the only way to get this custom guide to the joey was to manually replicate it. Another post indicated one could propagate the custom...
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    RG6 Requirements

    My house is pre-wired with RG6u cable that has 2.25ghz on the cable. Will this present a problem for the hopper? Apologies if this has been discussed before.
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    VIP EHD to Hopper

    Thinking of upgrading to the Hopper. However, from what I've read the EHD attached to my 622 won't be compatible with the hopper, meaning I would lose everything that's on the EHD. Has anyone figured a way to preserve all ones recordings when upgrading to the hopper or is this not possible...
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    Direct combined with antenna

    If I got Direct installed, could I combine the signal from my OTA with the Satellite feed using a splitter/combiner?
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    Weather Nation

    I read that Direct has added Weather Nation in HD which is the weather service that Dish added briefly during their fee fight with the Weather Channel. Weather Nation doesn't have content such as "storm stories" and the like but is superior to the Weather Channel in that it provides local...
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    Sundance gone

    It seems the Sundance (389) channel has been removed.
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    Signal loss

    Both of my Dish receivers function normally without incident until this morning. When I turned on one TV and receiver, I got the “Acquiring Signal" screen which shows no progress. I rebooted the receiver to no avail so I went to the other TV and turned it and its receiver on. I got the same...