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    771 Satellite loss, DIY?

    Not enough to get a pattern yet, but getting 771 errors when the weather doesn't really seem to be bad enough to warrant (always get these during heavy rain) Signal strength #'s on various satellites 101 : everything is 95+ except for 18: 59 26: 0 The #'s on the flavors of 99 and 103 are...
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    Must call to ADD programming ?? Then bait and switch

    Tried to "activate" a Starz + Showtime special ($13.99) shown under my account (website) .. popup says you can't do it online (even tho it is shown online).. to call to get the offer. a) why would they have you call and waste your time and their agent's time vs. the ease of doing over the web...
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    HBO on Direct for less than $18/month?

    Seems like Direct must be the most expensive way to get HBO?? ie. I can get HBO via AmazonPrime for only $15/month. or HBONow from HBO ofor $15/month. Also currently $15/mo on Dish. any way to get just a discount on just HBO with Direct? (I called and was told no)
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    HR54 update 0xd1e breaks power on sequence?

    My setup is HR54 -> (HDMI) -> Denon AVR2113 -> (HDMI) -> LG TV -> (ARC) -> Denon The power on sequence was always TV + HR54.. the TV would show the picture with no sound.. and then via HDMI CEC, the TV would turn on the the AVR, the picture would blank off and then come back with video +...
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    sell/transfer wireless Joey?

    Paid $50 for a wireless Joey a few years ago which I don't need now.. can I resell it? (ie. can someone else use it and avoid the $50 charge? or would it somehow be locked to my acct or not able to be used for a new customer?) thanks Mike
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    HDMI-CEC with Denon and HR-54?

    Does anyone have HDMI-CEC working on a Denon AVR-2113? I am connected to an LG TV which supposedly supports it (I am assuming it should work when the TV is on Monitor OUT) .. AND a DirectTV HR-54 which says it supports it. I have the power control enabled in the Denon settings.. but am unable...
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    No free "pack" in Flex for existing customers?

    I thought the base Flex Pack price included one "pack".. but when I explore possible programming changes, that is not indicated.. CSR chat says this free pack was only for NEW customers ? yet the Flex pack thread says...
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    Cheapest for USA + SyFy + Disney?

    Trying to see if I can reduce the monthly bill ... currently at AT120 (64.99).. no discounts. Could drop to Dish America (save $15).. but we'd lose Disney.. and anyone with kids will know that is big trouble... I called and was told there is a kids package ($15)... DA + KP would be the same...
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    Signal breakup, sluggish wireless Joey

    We've had a wireless Joey for ~6 months.. I really don't remember this happening much until the last few weeks... I see frequent picture freeze/artifacts, and the menu operations are very slow. I've rebooted both the Hopper and WJ... The broadband signal meter always shows green (bouncing...
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    Dish Anywhere transfers to Android... SD card and other questions

    Rather than threadjack the iPad thread... I have an 16GB Nexus 7.. which only has ~5GB of space left... I want to put shows on for me.. and for the kids (car trips).. I have a USB-OTG SD card connector, and I know I can put data on it.. but wasn't sure if I could _move_ the Dish xfers over to SD...
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    New install... Hopper + wireless Joeys... Amazon Prime streaming to Vizio Co-Star starts dropping

    1st let me get out of the way.. the Visio co-star (Android TV) is an out-dated piece of HW at this point.. BUT it was working pretty well... we use it to stream Amazon Prime to the bedroom. We had an install Saturday of Hopper + 2 wireless Joeys... and coincidence or not.. it's all we can do to...
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    new install.. wireless Joey signal strength at 12... need to go wired?

    just got a new install, 1 Hopper + 2 wireless Joeys. Wireless access point is on 1st floor at 1 end of the house.. and the problematic wireless Joey is on the 2nd floor at the other end of the house (bonus room above garage). Signal strength is showing 12-14.. and I'm seeing a fair amt of...
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    signing up for Dish.. hands off to a phone call?

    Trying to sign back up for Dish (been gone for 2.5 years) when I go to the website, and start signing up a) it let's me pick the # of TVs but nothing about picking 1 type of Hopper vs. another b) I can't pick install times, it says someone will call me... I did this 2 nights ago.. and missed...
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    switch (back) to Dish now, or wait (ie. any new equipment worth waiting for?)

    Was with Dish for 4-5 years, then figured I'd try Direct and switched 2 years ago.... without trying to get in to a D* vs. E* debate, I'm leaning towards switching back (I was always happier with the Dish equipment, GUI, etc.. I find my HR34 a constant aggravation)... only thing I was...
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    HR34 gets stuck at "Step 1 of 2".. HDMI issue

    My setup is HR34 -> Vizio CoStar (Google TV box.. HDMI in, adds overlays and then HDMI out)) -> Denon AVR-2113 -> TV (via HDMI) I was trying to reduce the # of devices in the path which were applying their own processing.. and along the way, I've managed to get in a config that which the...
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    ESPN 3D shutting down Guess we're moving from 3D mania to 4K mania (I give 4k better odds, altho they have to figure out how to transmit it without down-rezzing to HD quality)
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    Possibly returning... Dish not so cheap anymore?

    I was perhaps spoiled for many years with the Absolute HD package on Dish... I left maybe a year after they took that away, and as there was no easy upgrade to Hopper, etc. Looking at coming back ... yeesh.... A Hopper with AT200 + 2 Joeys looks like it would be 90.95/month (once the 1st year...
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    HR34 freezing on playback of DVR material? (ok after reset)

    We've had to reset our HR34 ~5 times over the past few weeks. Symptom is that live TV is fine. And we just watched DVR material on a H25 last night in another room. But when I try to play back material on the HR34 this morning, the program comes up.. might move for a second.. no audio, then...
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    DTV does not qualify for WatchESPN?

    I thought DTV big thing was being the end-all-be-all destination for sports channels... but we don't have access to the WatchESPN (so we can see ESPN, ESPN2 when away from the house) ? According to ESPN, its your CABLE provider, not your internet provider which matters. What's the status on...
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    IR extender compatible with HR34?

    I notice the HR34 has an IR extender jack on the back (3.5mm?)... I'm coming up pretty empty as I search for compatible Extenders. Infrared Solutions seems one common supplier, but they make a huge point about only buying something listed in their list of tested/known compatible.. and the...